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26 July 2009

Weekend Reading Roundup (SlimFast Edition)

Maybe it's just that nothing will ever match Bubbles on network television. Maybe it's because it's summer. Or maybe it's because the deliveryperson forgot to include the front section of the New York Times this a.m.
Whatever it is, the paper products were thin today, so thin in fact that I got most of my news without them (Glitter Girl's death; Phillies-parking-lot murder). Sure, Twitter steered me toward the LA Times for the highlight of the weekend ...
Elway, who retired in 1999 after leading the Broncos to consecutive Super Bowl victories, said the desire to come back isn't easy to suppress.
"You always think mentally you can play," he said. "It's just a matter of whether you can do it physically or not. My last year, I got beat up quite a bit. I pulled a hamstring and hurt some ribs, and it just never heals. That's when I knew that I could probably come back and play, but could I come back and play a 16-game schedule, get into the playoffs, play three more games and win a Super Bowl and stay healthy? That was my concern. I didn't think I could do that anymore."

... but I don't get LA Times home delivery. I get the Inquirer and Times. Which offered:
-- A stellar review of Selena Roberts' book on A-Rod...
The Jeter issue drives Rodriguez crazy. Even away from the park, Roberts says, when he’s in nightclubs hitting on women who know nothing about baseball, he remains obsessive, asking them, “Who’s hotter, me or Derek Jeter?” Roberts finds him rather pathetic with women in general. He picks up his future wife, Cynthia, by pretending to have run out of gas. And after his daughter Natasha is born, Rodriguez feels pushed aside: “Alex adored Natasha but was also taken aback at how much of Cynthia’s attention was funneled to their newborn, not to him. Alex knew it was wrong to feel that way.”

-- A "night out with" segment on Armenia's own Kim Kardashian...
Mr. Cheban, who grew up in Fort Lee, N.J., said that “every show about Jersey is amazing.” Then he ticked off “The Sopranos” and a show on MTV called “True Life,” which featured some episodes about the Jersey Shore.

-- And, a story about Wyeth Pharmaceuticals which made me ask myself who is more heinous: A pharmaco that (allegedly) tries to PR smooth over a menopause drug that causes breast cancer, or the professional writing companies' (and the doctors that sign off on) (and the journals that publish) ghostwritten pro-drug studies. My betting cash says all four are destined for the ninth circle of Hell.
Drug firms disseminate their ghostwritten articles to their sales representatives, who present the articles to physicians as independent proof that the companies' drugs are safe and effective.
Wyeth attorney Stephen Urbanczyk acknowledged that the articles were part of a marketing effort. But he said that they were also fair, balanced, and scientific.

Another fair, balanced and scientific assertion? Urbanczyk enjoys spending blood-money.


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