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29 July 2009

Waterworks restaurant = Delaware Valley High School = Place I Won't Give Dime One To

So, to read today's news out of my 'hood, it seems that David "Neighborhood-War Profiteer" Shulick is going right ahead with the Delaware Valley High School for at-risk children along Ridge Avenue. Classy move, considering the vast majority of East Falls is against it, as is Councilman Curtis Jones.
"We are proceeded on as scheduled with a planned opening in September,” said DVHS Chief External Affairs Officer Anastasia Karloutsos.

So, today, I announce that I am "proceeded on as scheduled" with a planned boycott in July of the Waterworks Restaurant of which DVHS Chief External Affairs Officer Anastasia Karloutsos and her politically-plugged-in husband Michael are a part. Shame, too, because I've long wanted to eat there. Guess I'll just grab some grub with a view of the Schyulkill at the for-profit reform school.


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