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11 July 2009

Vinnie might not die in an orange jumpsuit after all!

The best part about Vinnie Fumo's sentence potentally getting cut from a max of 27 years to a max 14 years yesterday? That would be the expressions on his, and his supporters, faces when the judge rises above the big-wig letters that likely caused him to get all "Uh oh, if I don't listen to them, they may get mad at me" and say, "You're a stain on society, Ms. Fumo. I sentence you to 314 months."
Ain't gonna happen, but a boy can dream, right?
I'll tell you what, though, if he gets one second less than railroaded Corey Kemp got, this here blog has a brand-new shame target.
That said, the reduction was kind of apt, methinks. Political corruption, even to Fumo's grandiose levels, ain't worth two decades behind bars. Violence is.
Which reminds me of a comment I saw on a blog linking to my surviving a hit-and-run piece...
i don't know if they'll ever catch whoever did this. at the time, the whole thing stunk of a planned hit. didn't he have some kind of connection to some bigwigs in philly -- or more paranoiacally -- to the opponent of a bigwig in philly?

I'll leave the opponent-of-a-bigwig interpretation to you.


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