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14 July 2009

U.S. District Judge Ronald L. Buckwalter to Jurors: I Don't Care What You Think

Obviously, I have a lot to say about Convicted Thief Vinnie Fumo (D-Corruption) getting his wrist slapped in court today after putting on quite a performance. But, I wrote about it for the Metro so once that hits the stands, I'll give you the director's cut of it over here. In the meantime, a couple photos I took with my BlackBerry down at the courthouse. Forgive me for not posting more; I'm a bit tuckered out after the first full-day of work since I got ran over by a car.
Cameras line the federal courthouse hallway that leads to the ceremonial courtroom where Vinnie Fumo ceremoniously walked with just 55 months to serve.

Acting U.S. Attorney Michael Levy (grey suit) acknowledges they may appeal the decision. "I'm disappointed. We certainly respect the judge but given the sentences given to other politicians in this city, [I think the 4.5 years] is not appropriate."
Neither do I, Michael. In fact, I think you could make the case that the decision, considering Corey Kemp's decade, smells foul of racial involvement.


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