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09 July 2009

Topanga's Back! Topanga's Back!

I've been holding off on posting about the best character in television history (non-Latka-DayMan-Botwins division) for a few weeks now. Just been watching The Dish in relative peace, not rueing the possibility that it makes me less macho to even let the Style Network cross my airwaves.
On one hand, I tell myself that it's only a Saturday morning half-hour (22 minutes wit' the DVR), so I should harbor no shame about sitting there with an ear-to-ear smile. But, that's not convincing. It's a chick show. Deduct machismo points.
But on the other hand, I needn't tell myself that the host, Danielle Fishel was in past, is in the present and will be forevermore Topanga from Boy Meets World. And even though that show was, let's face it, pretty bad, Topanga wasn't. (Fine, the show wasn't either, but I'm out on a limb here as it is.)
Having seen a McClatchey story about her buried on E5 of today's Inquirer bothered me at first (Topanga is A1 material, y'all) but then brought great pride since I now had a legitimate excuse to post about her.
It's just another Friday on the set of the Style Network program that pokes fun at pop culture - much like E! Entertainment Television's The Soup - but with more of an emphasis on programs of interest to a female audience. The other big difference is that, where The Soup host Joel McHale delivers his cutting remarks with dry humor, Fishel serves up an equally piercing jab with a Cheshire Cat smile.
And she smiles a lot.
"I think it is a combination of the show and the kind of person I am," Fishel says. "I think in general I am a very happy individual. But this show has added something to my life in ways I would have never imagined."

The new show is great, Topanga.
And you are great, Topanga.
But don't kid yourself, kid: There are a lot more dudes watching than you'd think.


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