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10 July 2009

This, from a city that's home to both Nuttin Butt Horseplay and Thee Doll House stripclubs

It was only faked sex, performed on a Myrtle Beach pier by a group of student filmmakers. But the performance landed eight artists in jail for 12 hours, got their mug shots flashed around the Internet, and may ultimately turn them into folk heroes.

Go on, Raleigh News and Observer.
As they filmed, a nearby motel manager flagged down Myrtle Beach police officers to report indecent exposure on the pier, reported to him by a passing grandmother, according to police reports. The officers saw one male actor in his boxer shorts, and a female actor crouching in front of him, reports said, but no one observed any nudity.

Ah, grannie just couldn't bear to see fake sex, huh?
"Back when we went down there, you could see the real act happening on balconies lining the Grand Stand," wrote one blogger. "Am I wrong in thinking they are being a bit harsh on these kids?"

Not wrong at all, one blogger. Not wrong at all.
Anything else going on down there, though?
A 25-year-old Myrtle Beach woman who was arrested and charged with shoplifting urinated on the ground and was transported to the hospital after claiming she was having a seizure.

You gotta be shittin' me. Fine, pissin' me. They ID her?
Krystal Lynn McMillan was detained by an employee at Ulta Cosmetics in Myrtle Beach, after McMillan allegedly put cosmetic testers and other makeup in her purse about 5 p.m. Wednesday, according to a Myrtle Beach Police Department report.
The incident was captured on surveillance video.

Of course it was. Now, bring it on home for me, the Palmetto State's Grand Strand...
Emergency Medical Services was contacted. McMillan started spitting on the floor and said she needed to pee and "had explosive diarrhea," according to the report.
She squatted on the ground and appeared to force herself to urinate, leaving a pool of urine on the ground.


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