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24 July 2009

Steven Tyler would be proud

If Mayor Michael Nutter was a cross-dresser, I'd personally buy him a Stu Rasmussen-inspired ensemble. But for reasons other than those who maintain SEPTA should be forced to create a third-gender transpass sticker in a two-gender world. (I'd just want to see people flip the fuck out when they saw Jim Gardner talking about dude dressed like a lady.)
No, I'm not saying TGs (sorry, I still call them trannies) aren't people, too. In fact, I shared many an Old City elevator with some, and once I accepted the fact that those I encountered went woefully overboard with the smell-goods, they were probably nicer and more considerate than most in this dingy town. I'm just saying there aren't three genders; when someone makes the switch, they go from one to the other. I've spent too much time on this already, though.
In conclusion, "I like looking in the mirror and seeing a fairly-attractive woman looking back; if you discount the face, an amazing looking woman" has temporarily removed "now it places the lotion in the basket" from my daily mental playlist.


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