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21 July 2009

Serial Judicial Rapist about to strike again

Well, from the looks of things over on the Inquirer's live-blog of Vinnie Fumo hand-maiden "Handsome" Ruth Arnao's sentencing, it looks like the worst she'll face is a butter-churning date with U.S. District Judge Ronald "I don't give a shit what the jury, press or public says" Buckwalter. A couple telling excerpts:
9:58 Craig R. McCoy: Fumo is not here.

Aw. But he's such a (twitchy) stand-up guy, I thought.
10:03 Craig R. McCoy: Buckwalter seems testy. He has told Zauzmer he doesn't "want to spend a lot of time" on the guidelines calcuation. This calculation, of course, is only advisory.
Gee, I wonder why.
10:34 Craig R. McCoy: The judge is now saying he wasn't the "least bit surprised" at the reaction.
10:35 Craig R. McCoy: The judge says public servants often take criticism.
10:35 Craig R. McCoy: It "seriously diminishes" the protesters to dismiss their concerns, Zauzmer says.
10:36 Craig R. McCoy: The judge says some of the letters to him contained no analysis.
10:37 Craig R. McCoy: Zauzmer says the scores of letter he saw had "careful reasoning and understand."
10:38 Craig R. McCoy: The judge says the public relied on an unreliable media.
10:38 Craig R. McCoy: Zauzmer tells the judge he disagrees, and believes the media has been accurate.
"Sometimes," the judge replies.
10:39 Craig R. McCoy: The judge says life is a matter of "grays."
Maybe in your head, Your Dishonor. But what you've managed to do is add a whole color prism to the realm of judicial ineptitude. I fear, however, that that isn't enough careful reasoning for you. So let me expand:
By chiding those who found it disgraceful and worthy of severe punishment for a rich guy to arrogantly and unrepentently filch loot from all of us so he could spend Other People's Money, you seem like nothing but a cheerleader -- albeit, not the hot one -- for the Good Old Boys Network.
You should resign your seat.
The era of coherence has passed you by.


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