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11 July 2009

RIP, Thunder

Enough with death already.
First professional fight I saw was Arturo Gatti vs. Floyd Mayweather. Gatti was a Jersey favorite since 1) he was originally from Montreal, but made his home in North Jersey and 2) he fought a lot of his fights in AC. I use the past tense because I just heard Gatti was found dead in Brazil today. 37 years old. Don't know much about it, but I'm sure the story will only grow in detail.
A fucking shame, though.
His bouts with Micky Ward were the stuff of journeyman legend. Brutal brawls. But, brought the men together to the point where Ward joined Gatti's corner team afterwards.

Of course, Gatti got brutalized by Floyd to the point where my story questioned whether Mayweather had overtaken B Hop as the best pound-for-pound fighter out there.
From the first bell, Mayweather dictated the pace, sending Gatti to the canvas in the first before he could even get those initial crowd-pleasing shots in. (To be fair, it wasn't a clean knockdown, as the shot was delivered while Gatti was turned away from his foe, complaining to the referee). By the sixth, Mayweather had knocked his foe's head around so relentlessly that Gatti's corner refused to let the modern-day Balboa continue. Fight over, TKO. Mayweather's 34th ass-whoopin' as he's jumped up through three weight classes.

Here's a link to it.


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