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06 July 2009

The Reality World

Solomon Jones has always been one of my favorite co-workers. We were both staff writers at Philadelphia Weekly way back when (The years '00, '01 and, possibly part of '02.) Sat in cubicles facing one another a floor above a hair salon at 17th and Walnut. How he got any work done without a door to block out my ramblings is anybody's guess. But, it couldn't have been even a miniscule challenge compared to all the others he faced before finding the path of the righteous. While I went onto the rival weekly, politics, (and the Inky sporadically), the Metro and a coma, he went onto politics, the Daily News and, among other things, books, books, books.
I say all this to give you a semblance of a clue about how extraordinarily happy I was to get an email from him today containing the lines...
I have signed a development deal with NBC. This is a very happy day for me, especially considering the path I travelled to get here.

Translation (since I had to email him back to better understand what a "development deal" actually is):
It means that Peacock Productions is developing a reality show based on my humor writing. Our family will be principally featured in the show. (My wife) LaVeta and I will be consulting producers. We will remain in Philadelphia for now.

No idea what they'll call the show, or when shooting will commence, but this is just another good break for the kind of guy who busts his hump to make good things happen for his family. Here's stuff about NBC's Peacock Productions.
Well done, Solomon.
But don't take this to mean the Eagles will win the Super Bowl before the Broncos. Because it doesn't.


Anonymous ChihuahuaMom said...

Could not have happened to a better guy. Unless that guy was you of course. I look forward to seeing the result.

3:10 PM  
Blogger Brian Hickey said...

1 and 1a.

4:13 PM  
Anonymous ChihuahuaMom said...


1:14 PM  
Blogger Brian Hickey said...

The "Better Guy" rankings. He's 1, I'm 1a. Depending upon perspective, of course.

1:31 PM  

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