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24 July 2009

The only thing I'm going to say about Domelights (for now)

If it's true that, as one officer told me...
What has become obvious there is that alot of the racial comments are coming from people who are not cops. They're just there to stir the pot. The GCL (Guardian Civic League) also seems to have encouraged members to post baiting topics like the one about the Valley Swim Club just before the suit was filed. Those same posters then continued pulling others into arguments about race ever since.
I'm no dummy. Sadly, some of the offensive posts have come from members who I believe to actually be cops. Shame on them. McQ has a pretty good track record of closing threads that get too offensive or deleting those that would damage a reputation. Having run the site for almost 10 years and being the "scourge" of former P/C Johnson who hated the site (he denied McQ a promotion allegdly due to the site), I'm almost positive that at one time or another IAB has checked to see if he's been using City equipment. I'm pretty sure he will be vindicated, but all anyone will remember is the accusation, not the outcome.

...then those who did the race-baiting should be more ashamed of themselves than those who posted epithets and insults. And those who did the racial-posting should be pretty ashamed of themselves to begin with.
America affords people, however loathsome, the right to ignorance. Only ignorance affords race-baiters the right to do what they did to get their no-Domelights way.


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