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19 July 2009

One American Hero, Two American Zeros

Those of you who know me personally can figure out who the hero here is. Those of you who don't? Well, you probably can too.


New York Times magazine: I wonder if all this is rooted in yuppie entitlement. What’s disturbing is that no one wants to pay for anything anymore, which is why we’re in the midst of an economic meltdown.
Wired editor Chris Anderson: You do see a generation going online expecting things to be free, from their Facebook pages to their music downloads to their video games. I don’t think that’s driven by entitlement but by an innate understanding of the digital market.
NYTM: You were recently accused of plagiarizing numerous passages of your book from Wikipedia, and I am wondering if you see plagiarism as an extension of your freebie thesis.
WECA: I wish I could explain all my actions as being intellectually consistent, but this one is just plain old sloppiness. There are questions about whether one should cite Wikipedia, and I’m one of those who think you should.

"Terrell you'll see pretty much on this show," Owens said. "It's pretty much to the 'T' of how I am. I mean, it's reality."

Bite your tongue about the real T.O. Let the picture say it for you. Bite your tongue about the real T.O. Let the picture say it for you. Bite your tongue about the real T.O. ...


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