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27 July 2009

Not sure if these are real or not...

... but in the initial story about David Sale Jr.'s ballpark-parking-lot death (which was woefully buried in print and online-print till today), two of the comments read...
Posted by drmwoman1 10:54 AM, 07/26/2009
this man is my little brother, my family is is so much pain and we still havent told his niece, and newphews. who ever did this STEP UP AND BE A MAN!!!!U WERE MAN ENOUGH TO BEAT MY LITTLE BROTHER TO DEATH BE A MAN NOW. me and my husband are in the army and we are trying to get there to bury him, but my hubby just got back from iraq 3 weeks ago so its gonna be hard. how bout the SOB'S WHO DID THIS COME FACE ME ND MY OTHER BROTHER AND SEE THE PAIN IN MY KIDS AND MY PAIN AND SAY U DIDNT MEAN IT!!!! HE WAS A SMALL GUY AND DOES IT REALLY TAKE 7 OF U TO BEAT HIM, WHEN DID U REALIZE HE WASNT MOVING? U WILL GET YOURS WHEN U MEET UR MAKER!!!! and it is bs that i couldnt find anything on my brother, wait till i get up to philly u all wll be haering about this on the front page soon!!!!!

Posted by abeech 11:08 AM, 07/26/2009
Ignorance doesn't make you any smarter, for those of you that think this is acceptable because alcohol was involved, I am almost offended. The 22 year old beaten to death in this fight has been a friend of mine for Many years, we've known each other through our school years, I think this is outrageous that something like this can happen, whoever posted the "things like this happen everyday" comment, have some respect for the family, instead of having ignorant comments to make, given the circumstances I understand alcohol plays a major role in tragedy like this however Philly should be ashamed that nearly 25 people were involved and NO ONE has stepped forward to take responsibility for their actions, I hope when they do find those responsible for this, they spend their lives in jail for man slaughter, and murder. given a 22 year old didnt deserve to be brutually beaten by a crowd of people, so in regards to this..RIP Dave you will be missed by many.

Yes,'s comments sections are where the dregs of humanity's dregs congregate to attempt to outshoot their shoe-sized IQs. But, I thought these two beared mentioning.
(As an update, seems that two Fishtown dirtbags are about to be charged, with police seeking a third. But unlike some other folks who seem to know full stories without hearing a single detail, I'm not about to start blaming the team and the bar for not ejecting them from the area properly or separately or whatever these mental midgets think played a role, other than Fishtown feet and fists. Wait till the whole story's told before holding court on it, so they actually get theirs in court. You owe it to the victim and his family not to let this devolve into conspiracy-science theatre 2009.)


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