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23 July 2009

Not even worth me coming up with a headline

How to get involved:
I hereby agree to not watch TV shows or movies that feature "actor" Arthur Kade of the blog Further, I will not buy products or services that advertise or associate themselves with said shows or movies, or that are advertised in commercials using Mr. Kade.
Arthur Kade represents humanity at its worst- shallow, self-serving and ignorant. Additionally, Mr. Kade's comments about women are offensive and misogynistic.
Please do not hire Mr. Kade to be an extra or actor for your TV show, movie, commercial, or other production.
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Blogger Robert said...

Done. Only 52 signers though. I guess my boy isn't that big a phenom. Don't know if you've seen the pic of him by the pool with Perloff, and what looks like a rough trade hook up for one of them. Looks like Perloff is setting up an entertainment company, and guess who some of his clients are? Dusk, Strongbox, The Chelsea, all the places Artie's been plugging the past few weeks.

4:31 PM  
Blogger Brian Hickey said...

The more and more I see him regress as an "actor" (and human being), I've momentarily pitied him. But then, I recall what a total douchebag he has been all along and it all goes away.
So, add another person to the boycott bandwagon, huh? We should compile a list of all businesses he's shouted out, and people affiliated with him. Maybe I'll take out a full page ad in one of the weeklies or the Sunday Inquirer.

8:56 PM  

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