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15 July 2009

No Whammie, No Whammie, STOP, Two Whammies

In addition to having to sit through the Vinnie Fumo Extravaganza yesterday, that came fresh on the heels of an East Falls community meeting on Monday night about a high school for at-risk students (read: those who can't be controlled even at Philly's uncontrollable high schools) about a half-mile from my house. I wrote my full Metro column on it today as well. Here's an excerpt...
Faced with loud opposition, [school pres. David] Shulick slinked off early, two minutes after whining, “This is a sad day for Philadelphia.” I think his sadness stemmed from City Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. withdrawing support and his “supporters’” inability to win anybody over via yelling. ’Twas a shame Shulick missed 200-plus residents turn on developer Mark Sherman as his arrogant enabler, though.
It was a surreal public-relations carnival in which DVHS’ six-minute commercial video focused on typed letters that nobody could read and a PowerPoint presentation that noted gas stations and beauty salons would profit. Seriously.

Sorry for the poor quality; I'm still working out my videography kinks.


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