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07 July 2009

[Name redacted] loses his West Coast posse guy

And I quote (from):
...later, my mom called while we were camping and told me she had been talking to my cousin (who's from Philly) and she sounded so disappointed in me. "kent, what are you doing?" i tried to explain, "no mom, it's really funny, it's a blog and people don't know if he's real or not, you have to see his latest video where he's dancing? he takes off his shirt with one hand and it's so awkward, and then you have to read the comments because they're all like, "remember that time you tried to fit a cock up your nostrils?" and also --" she cut me off, "kent, seriously, what are you doing?" i sighed and i told her i didn't know what i was doing.

Mommy always knows best, Kent Osborne.
i'll just quickly wrap things up by thanking Advice for the advice (otherwise i might still be greedily commenting like a jackass) and quietly "fade out of the Kade-o-sphere."

Good move.
*I apologize to those who thought I could stick to my [name redacted] prohibition. But, as you'll note, I neither typed his name nor linked to his site, thus spurning what he loves most.


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