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31 July 2009

My Pen Pal on the Fumo Verdict (from the federal pen)

Full disclosure: I wrote Corey Kemp a letter the night of the Fumo verdict to a) see if he wanted to discuss, via US Mail, what he thought about it and b) declare my outrage that he got a decade while Vinnie the Thief got less than half, courtesy of a clearly-delusional Guardian Sentencer.
At first, he declined with a long letter answering my inquiry about how he was doing and saying how relieved he was that my hit-and-run panned out the way it did. But then today, I got home from an interview for next week's Metro column 10 minutes ago, picked up my mail. Accompanying an Entertainment Weekly that's sure to make the bride happy, what with the Twilight cover and all, was a letter from Kemp with his thoughts on the Fumo sentence.
Consider this a cliffhanger post, though. I need to do some Wii Gold's Gym Boxing before transcribing the text of it maybe by the end of the afternoon but definitely by Monday morning.


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