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30 July 2009

My apologies, Morton Roodman

Back when Arturo Gatti died, I ripped NY Times letter-writer Morton Roodman thusly:
The NY Times also enables a Swiss dude to parlay Arturo Gatti's death into his Call to Blame Everything on Boxing...
"Develop a well-financed pension system so former fighters have resources should illness or worse lurk in their final rounds."
Ah, so a pension would have stopped Gatti's wife from (allegedly) strangling him while he slept, Mr. Morton Roodman? You're serious about this? It's not just because your from pansy-ass Switzerland? Wow. (If that's what really happened, of course. If it was suicide, well, the Swiss are still pansy-ass, but I no longer question the merits of Mr. Morton Roodman's letter.)

So, um, yeah, well, today, they said it was suicide.
Lead investigator Paulo Alberes told The Associated Press that authorities decided Gatti killed himself on July 11 while at a seaside resort in northeastern Brazil.
When asked if police had determined the case was a suicide, Alberes said "yes." He offered no other details.

So, um, yeah, well, Morton, um, I'm, uh, sorry for all that Swiss bashing.


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