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15 July 2009

A Lawyerly Type...

... just got in touch with me about my post from earlier about yesterday's Fumo Extravaganza. Was good to talk to him since I hadn't in a while. Forgot to ask whether I could quote him on what he was saying, but if he wants me to, drop an email and I'll revise.
At issue was my race-card I played in interpretating Buckwalter's verdict. Like a lot of people have. He disagreed with race playing a role, though agreed that it would be perceived that way by many of other races than mine. Here, paraphrased, is what he thought sealed Fumo's (in his eyes, not so) good fate:
Buckwalter was duped by the very same thing he derided from the stand. He derides those who thought, "he's a crook, but he's our crook," and, minutes later, says he thought that Fumo did some bad things, but that he was a good senator for his constituents. He fell for it hook, line and sinker.

There's a lot of merit to that theory.
And, there's also a lot of merit to somebody else in-the-know who told me, in so many words...
Fumo's been coddled his whole life and now he's in a situation where he has to learn he's not the boss. He won't be able to do it.

I kind of like how offering blog topics up for debate delays walking back downstairs to continue my Wii Gold's Gym boxing program. But alas, there I return.


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