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01 July 2009

The Journey

Not only have I become convinced that A-list celebrities want to be my friend before I rise to the top of their field on the back of my immense talent, enormous shoulders, insatiable appeal and world-wide notability, but I've found that everybody I encounter in the course of a day admires and wants to be me.
I can't really help it. I'm just awesome to my core and everybody knows it. Everything I do is amazing from the minute I wake, to the moment I fall into an amazing sleep.
All of which is to share, courtesy of a well-placed source, the final pre-July-issue statistics in the matter of "How many people looked at the story about Hickey as compared to how many people looked at the story about Arthur Kade on"
Hickey: 74,942 page views in 18,196 visits
Kade: 44,732 page views in 12,266 visits
Winner: HICKEY

Now I just got to figure out how to take a modicum of pride in being deemed better than a lunatic at a matter that's out of my control. I mean, it's really a matter of outdoing someone who hasn't done, nor will ever accomplish, anything.

I'm kind of embarrassed I didn't double him, really.
*Seems that they get the majority of their views in the first half of the month. Which makes perfect sense. It's when the news is new, yo.


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