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09 July 2009

The Jody Trautwein Q&A

As promised, He who tried to talk some straight sense into gay Bruno answered my Call to Answers. And, keep your ears peeled. As per Jody...
There may be a 7 or 8 city radio tour on Monday because of all the attention. One of those cities may be Philadelphia, giving an opportunity for some of your readers to listen to the full story.

With no further ado, three verbatim questions for Jody Trautwein of Point of Grace Ministries, three verbatim responses from Jody Trautwein of Point of Grace Ministries. (He has this link, so please be gentle with any comments.)

Brian Hickey: At what point did you realize that you'd been duped?
Jody Trautwein: I realized there was deception when I began to see Bruno appearing on some previews for entertainment television shows.

Hickey: Your words on the site seem to indicate this was an opportunity to reach some folks who you might not have been able to share the Word with. Do you believe that some good did come out of you being shown in the film?
JT: I believe a tremendous amount of good HAS come and WILL come from the segment featuring the good news about how only Jesus Christ can change a heart and transform a life.

Hickey: Living in the bluest city in a blue state, people who read my site are often around those who'd call themselves atheists or agnostics. What would you like them to know or hear since now you have the chance to directly reach them?
JT: God is real. He loves them very much and desires to have a personal relationship with them through His Son Jesus Christ. They, like all of us, simply need to confess with their mouths and believe in their hearts that Jesus died on a cross and rose again three days later and they will be saved! If you are already serving Christ, then be a voice of truth which brings the sound of freedom.
You can be a "Liberty Bell" in someone's life, with human cracks and flaws included, "proclaiming freedom throughout the land unto all the inhabitants thereof." Be like those in the "Philadelphia church" in Revelation 3:7 and use the keys God has given you to walk through the doors that lead to His destiny for you and your family's lives. God bless.

Check Trautwein's site, which explains how the whole Brunofication came about. It includes...
At that time, he continued the same story as our initial phone call further revealing they had a young man in Huntsville, Alabama, who said he was ready to come out the homosexual lifestyle and asked if I would consider counseling him, leading him to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the only Person who can truly change our lives from the inside out, and give him practical steps to live out his new lifestyle as a son of God who has been transformed from a homosexual man to a straight man...


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