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29 July 2009

"It's just the price that we pay"

I just looked at my recent posts and saw a LOT of doom and gloom. Because, quite frankly, world's been doom-y and gloomy of late. I mean, Michael Jackson's dead and stolen kidneys played a pivotal role in Jersey-corruption. If that ain't gloom, Brian don't be knowin' what is. So, I rifled through the stacks on my desk and found some positivity ripe for the sharing.
Por ejemplo:
From today's Daily News:
[Stadium fatal-beating victim] Sale's friend Dan Curran created a Web site,, where anyone can donate money that will be used to give the North Penn High School graduate a proper burial. Donations can also be mailed to David Sale Memorial Fund, 291 Cricklewood Circle, Lansdale, Pa. 19446.
And the "Dave Sale Memorial Fund" Facebook page had nearly 500 members yesterday, some of whom left condolence messages.

From the Inquirer on Monday:
He went to his trunk to get a jack. He was standing between the two cars.
"I didn't hear a sound," he said. "No brakes. I just felt I was flying, over my car, and that's it. I was on the ground, trying to figure out what's going on. I see I have no legs. I rubbed my eyes to see more clearly. No legs." ...
NBC10 did a story soon after the accident.
After watching, Tim Rayer of Prosthetic Innovations in Eddystone offered to design, construct, and fit Michael with carbon graphite legs - a gift, he says, worth $60,000. ...
Maria Breyman, 21, a La Salle University student who came from Russia at 14, organized benefits raising $7,000 to help with expenses. ...
Strangers created a Web site for him,

From the July 27 New Yorker:
... Paul Wagner, a Philadelphian who read a newspaper article about a Web site named MatchingDonors. People who need a kidney transplant can post a message on the site, describing themselves and their situation in the hope that a stranger will see the posting and be moved to donate. Searching for patients in Philadelphia, Wagner found Gail Tomas and almost immediately felt that she was the one.

And, finally, from today's via the comment at 6:46 p.m.:
The Commission found that the record was full of statements and actions by Kadyshes of a sexual nature including sexual jokes, comments about Complainant’s breasts, telling Complainant that she would be good in bed, telling Complainant that he would personally perform an abortion if she became pregnant and calling Complainant a bitch on numerous occasions.
Based on the foregoing conduct, the Commission found that there was no question that Complainant was subjected to both verbal harassment of a sexual nature and sexual conduct which was sufficiently pervasive and severe as to alter the conditions of Complainant’s work environment.


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