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24 July 2009

In the spirit of what irresponsible** blogging represents...

... I now present, without lifting a finger to check the veracity therein*, a statement just emailed to me:
According to the Revenue Department, the Inquirer owes over $48,000 in real estate taxes on its 400 N. Broad Street property.

And remember folks, the 10 a.m. show is different than the 12:57 p.m., so come on back now, ya'hear?

*Fine, not even three minutes passed before I had to raise a responsible finger. The email underestimated it by $343.57. Not that that's news when a public-trust is digging itself out of bankruptcy, but said public-trust does report on tax issues and delinquents, so fair's fair to the emailer, methinks.
** Irresponsible in me posting it without checking it out, not in reference to he or she who emailed the accurate assertion.


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