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13 July 2009

The Good Fight

All I had to read was the "Hit-run drivers get off too easy" teaser on's homepage to somewhat agree with the premise of a story in today's Philadelphia Daily News. I'll take it one further: They get off too easy if they even get caught in the first place.
THERESA SAUTTER cringes every time she hears that another person has been killed by a driver - especially when the victim is young or the driver flees, as was the case when her daughter Marylee Otto was hit and killed on a Northeast Philly street last year.
Sautter has launched what sometimes seems like a one-woman campaign to get the state Legislature to pass a bill that would raise the mandatory-minimum sentence for someone who flees the scene of an accident.
She has spoken to or tried to contact politicians, including state Sen. Michael Stack, who sponsored the bill, Mayor Nutter and Gov. Rendell. She's thinking of getting in touch with U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter.
She and Marylee's friends continue to pass out petitions for people who support the bill to sign. She is planning a march to City Hall next month to raise awareness of the issue.

If anybody knows Theresa Sautter and happens to see this, please pass my email address along to her.
As a side note: I shudder to even read the comments at the end of the story. Since I've regained my right to drive, considering the caliber of people who comment on, I'd probably find myself on trial for some hit-hit-hit-etc-and-runs on anybody who questions Sautter's position without knowing the first friggin' thing about the issue.
As another side note: Don't think for one second, driver that hit me and ran on Nov. 28, that we've stopped looking for you. Hope you've been able to relax even a little bit. I'll make it more fulfilling to deliver a Jersey Curb Sandwich to your mouth that will soon be toothless.


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