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17 July 2009

Everytime I think I'm out ...

... I get a couple anti-Kade emails that pull me right back in. Identities removed to protect the non-douche-icent.

From last night:
"We just met Kade!!!! Douchier than I ever imagined!!!! Actually, [hot girl I was with] goes, 'and who are you?' and his heart definitely broke a little. It was priceless. He said, 'I have a famous blog!"

From 20 minutes ago, via email:
I so hope you caught the latest Kade post where he recaps his night at the Philly style party or the more accurate, vapid, soulless douche night. What really set this post above all others is that in his pictures he included an upskirt shot of a young lady. Classy I know. Upon closer inspection (pun intended) it was of his friend [name removed, but suffice it to say, she's the only hot friend he has].
What gave it away was that he had two photos of her and she was wearing a [clothing-object removed] kind of thing that is visible in both pictures. I took the liberty of messaging her on to let her know.
Within minutes it was down. Now I know I ruined it for everyone, but hey it was fun telling her. I will say she is very tan, and apparently goes out without the panties her mother laid out for her. I love your blog by the way.

I thank you for loving my famous blog, of course, but I cherish your defiling of the Kade-osphere. Now, we've all known all along that Kade's scum. But posting upskirts of Li, er, his friends? C'mon. That's fucking absurd.


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