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09 July 2009

Bruno, Saved From Homosexuality?

As I'd mentioned yesterday in the dildo-defense-karate guy Danny Shirley from Alabama post, I also reached out to Jody Trautwein, a minister portrayed as one who, for lack of a better term, de-gayed people via the Lord. Well, he just emailed me back and referred me to his website, which pretty much answers all the questions I'd have asked anyhow.
Thank you for your kind words and inquiry. Please go to for the complete story along with links to recent interviews that have captured my reactions to the film.

He may email me back, as I sent a standing offer to have an unedited platform to talk about what it's like to be tricked into appearing in a movie that millions upon millions will see. If he does, you'll get his unfettered response here.
Here's a nugget from his synopsis:
Millions of people all over the world who may never darken the doors of a church will pay to go see this perverse, deceptive film and actually hear the pure, truthful message of Jesus Christ.
I strongly encourage parents, pastors, educators, businessmen, politicians, media, artists, entertainers, and any leaders who have lives, platforms, and voices of influence in this generation to take a stand for holiness, righteousness, purity, and truth. It’s time to sound the alarm and become knowledgeable, responsible, and passionate defenders of truth and freedom for our families and our future.
What we see and hear shapes our ponderings and subsequent practices. Practices determine patterns, which mold us as people. Who we are as a person leads to our purpose, or destiny. Don’t let your or your child’s destiny be perverted by the immoral lies perpetuated through some in the entertainment industry. Great nations are not just taken over by stronger military forces, but are destroyed from within by an unraveling of its moral fabric through a lack of character and integrity.


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