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06 July 2009

Bravo, Brendan Boyle

... there's a preliminary price tag on a plan that would stiffen sentences and end parole for repeat violent offenders in Pennsylvania: $55.8 million.
The Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing estimates that State Rep. Brendan Boyle's bill - introduced this spring - could dump an additional 1,685 inmates into the state's 50,653-inmate system, at a projected 30-year cost of $55.8 million.
In this violence-weary city and state, Boyle's bill quickly got a high-five from the governor and other bigwigs, and is getting fast-tracked through the state House.

And they're off! In the first turn, the whining-defenders-of-criminals are talkin' 'bout how encouraging of behind-bars violence the idea to properly punish is, onto the backstretch they rant about due-process violations inherent in the application of justice, onto the final turn they're whippin' pony with the fail-safe "it's too expensive" whip but what's this? Oh NO, Liberal Pony just jerked its knee too hard, threw its jockey to the track and Logical Pony passed for the Derby win!
Second stop for the Triple Crown: Let's get back to executing those who commit egregious murders. Can't imagine that knee's gonna jerk back into place in time for the Preakness.


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