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31 July 2009

The Assbag of the Year Award Goes To...

... CLARENCE DIFFENDERFFER for his performance in...

"The bike hit her car, not the other way around,” says Clarence Diffenderffer, Lammers' friend.
Heck, Clarence, I'd love to get a personal audience so I can hear, with my own ears, you justify how running a kid over and taking off isn't your girltoy's fault. Holla.
P.S. Want to start to make amends to that young man, Clarence? Stop blaming him and stop lying about the whole thing.


Anonymous ChihuahuaMom said...

Wow. Lammers is bad. But he is worse. What an a-hole. Right, blame the 13YO. Brilliant. Burn in hell, Clarence. Burn.

10:36 AM  

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