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24 July 2009

Another Delaware Valley High School story

No, not by me. I wrote about it about it more than a week earlier. So did the Daily News. And, the Roxborough Review. But yesterday, the paper-of-record Inquirer contributed to the coverage of Delaware Valley High School's desire to open on Ridge Ave. with, well, I hate to have to revert to prickish observations, but they offered nothing much new. Well, besides the public-stroking school president/neighborhood-war-profiteer David Shulick's mammothly condescending ego. So they have that going for them.
Though, I did catch one interesting nugget in the story:
The showdown has been "like the scene from "Frankenstein" where people are going after the monster," with pitchforks and torches, said East Falls resident and property owner Billy Ross, 39.

... There, the impression given is considerably different from poster billy ross (senior member since Dec. 08 with 998 posts) who noted:
People at the meeting were vehemently opposed to the school, however, leading me to a few possible conclusions. One is that they don't care what race the kids are, and they do care that these kids are truants. Another is that they viewed the video as a cynical ploy to defuse racial tensions (which would require some serious conspiracy theories on multiple levels) and they saw right through it. A third is that they were classist - I myself was surprised at how the video emphasized how much of an accomplishment and how meaningful it was for these kids to graduate from high school, which to me is as meaningful as learning how to read. I'll repeat - I saw no racial overtones or undertones at that meeting, and I was looking for them. A fourth, of course, is that they simply don't want traffic problems exacerbated.

Not saying that quotes were edited/included in a fashion that adds to the pro-school-neighbors side (which maybe-not-the-same Billy Ross seemingly isn't in reading his other posts), but I've been in journalism a long time and realize that, sometimes, quotes are edited/included in a fashion that adds to a lacking side of the story to lend more pizazz.
Particularly in otherwise-dull, week-after stories.


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