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30 July 2009

And now I turn my attention to classless Jeep boy

Yesterday was a good day for the hit-and-run community (Fine, there isn't a hit-and-run community. Yet. But I've been talking with Theresa Sautter about how to make it so her daughter didn't die in vain) with the news that 75-year-old ice queen Suzanne Lammers of Nova was nabbed for (allegedly) striking a 13-year-old and then hiding her car from authorities. This, despite thinking she hit a deer. Or, hadn't heard any news about a hit-and-run involving her ride. Strange. From an anonymous commenter on this here blog:
Someone they interviewed on 6 ABC actually said the following "These things aren't suppose to happen on the RICH MAIN LINE , it's ok for the LITTLE PEOPLE IN PHILADELPHIA" ... She is nothing more then a COLD HEARTED WITCH and she should do jail time and pay for this child. I don't want to hear that the poor fragile 75 year old woman didn't know what she did, she stopped and looked in her mirror and then took off because she seen what she did. ... I also heard that someone..possibly her husband made a statement that "the child belonged on the beach...not in the street."

Classy. Or classist. (Especially when "neighbor who wouldn't give name" starts chuckling at the end ...)

View more news videos at:

An update, though, on the Kelly Drive fatality from Saturday, courtesy of the Philadelphia Daily News, who spoke with the victim's girlfriend, who was holding his hand before someone came along and devastated their lives.
The details are particularly jarring since, well, even though I don't remember getting hit, it sounds awfully similar to how I ended up with a breathing tube, so I'll save them for the link. But this portion bears posting since, considering the driver was young, and heading toward my 'hood and Manayunk that night, my neighbors should heed it:
Police described the suspect as a white man in his early 20s, about 5 feet 5 inches, muscular build, and a tan complexion. He has short dark hair and was wearing a red T-shirt with a design. The [dark-colored] Jeep [Wrangler] would have a cracked windshield and front-end damage, police said. Its front grill could be cracked, and it may have a broken headlight.
The driver initially pulled over to the side of Kelly Drive, but soon drove off when police and medics arrived, investigators said

Photo courtesy HughE


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