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06 July 2009

12:34:56 a.m. 07/08/09

I don't know where it was that I saw this last night, and that's a shame, because now I'm forced to just take credit for figuring it out myself. Oh well.
Once tomorrow night turns Wednesday morning, allow 34.56 minutes to pass and, if you're still awake, you'll either be there for when the machines officially rise up and overtake us all, the world itself ends, or a very-cool math moment happens. Yep, the time and date will line up numerically from 1-9 for the first time since 12:34:56 a.m. on July 8, 1909.
And, as we all know, July 8, 1909 was the day on which the first minor-league professional-baseball game was played under lights. But it was also the year in which the Cubs lost the only division title they would drop over a four-year span. (Two championships, 1909, and a division title in 1910.)
So, I'm going to take that to mean that destiny will make it up to them and this year, the Cubs will win the World Series!!!
Two weeks til they come to town for a three-game set.


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