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31 July 2009

Three Big Dudes

(H/T Parappa)

Kade: Not only an asshammer, but a bad tipper, too

From Philebrity:
Just to let you all know…. I had the pleasure of serving Mr. Kade tonight (thursday) at Parc. After we all fought over who would take the table, I stepped to the plate because I have gotten quite used to the douchebag fare on Thursday nights in Rittenhouse. This may come as a surprise to you, but he was very rude. He did not say please or thank you, and didn’t even look up when I asked him how everything was. And oh yeah — he wasn’t a good tipper.
Once I caved in and acknowledged who he was, (I asked him if he would be shooting any videos this evening), his eyes lit up and asked if I would like to be in a video. I said no thanks, I don’t want any bad press, as I am trying to start a business. I dropped the check and said, “Thanks, Artie.” And he says to his friends, “Artie? Man, I love this. It’s like the whole city is on a first name basis with me…. this is awesome.”
….. lol.
have a great day ;)

- philebrity fan

P.S. I served his club soda to him in a dirty glass. It made me laugh inside

If Parc even suspends this American hero, it will be "Attica, Attica" time on Rittenhouse.

My Pen Pal on the Fumo Verdict (from the federal pen)

Full disclosure: I wrote Corey Kemp a letter the night of the Fumo verdict to a) see if he wanted to discuss, via US Mail, what he thought about it and b) declare my outrage that he got a decade while Vinnie the Thief got less than half, courtesy of a clearly-delusional Guardian Sentencer.
At first, he declined with a long letter answering my inquiry about how he was doing and saying how relieved he was that my hit-and-run panned out the way it did. But then today, I got home from an interview for next week's Metro column 10 minutes ago, picked up my mail. Accompanying an Entertainment Weekly that's sure to make the bride happy, what with the Twilight cover and all, was a letter from Kemp with his thoughts on the Fumo sentence.
Consider this a cliffhanger post, though. I need to do some Wii Gold's Gym Boxing before transcribing the text of it maybe by the end of the afternoon but definitely by Monday morning.

The Assbag of the Year Award Goes To...

... CLARENCE DIFFENDERFFER for his performance in...

"The bike hit her car, not the other way around,” says Clarence Diffenderffer, Lammers' friend.
Heck, Clarence, I'd love to get a personal audience so I can hear, with my own ears, you justify how running a kid over and taking off isn't your girltoy's fault. Holla.
P.S. Want to start to make amends to that young man, Clarence? Stop blaming him and stop lying about the whole thing.

Mmm mmm good

It's probably morning time when you see this, but I'm up late typing it. Even though I have to get up early. Kinda sucks. But, since I won't be posting much Friday, I leave you with this, courtesy of Rick V who posits that the Guido Torpedo aka the Douche Baguette is "maybe Kade's official sammy"?
Order me.

30 July 2009

Girl's Gone Wild

"Mrs. Lammers stated she continued to travel west in order to turn around, and when she heard sirens, she decided that she should go home, because she was not sure what happened," the affidavit said.

Side question: Old rich broad dyes the 'brows, doesn't she?
Side question #2: Thought she was pretty foxy, didn't she? (And her mangy little horse, too.)
Side question #3: Could this be the best comment I've ever received?
you people are such blinders-on idiots. this is a 75 year old woman - living in Villanova... she probably has multiple cars - she probably doesnt watch the news - shes SEVENTY FIVE - she probably didn't give a crap about her car and was just scared about having been hit.
has anyone looked at the police report and seen whether she hit him from the front or if he was moving into the intersection and hit her????
she probably thought that she did hit a deer (read the police report - the bike ran a red and HIT HER) - she probably panicked at the thought of having her car run into - ever get in an accident and feel the sensation of PANIC?
she probably had absolutely no clue that she put a kid in the hospital. yet - everyone just wants to be a basher this is the FOXNEWS generation - bash away without any idea what the hell you are saying - this country has turned into bash central - this country is based on INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY...
should she have stopped and checked? yes.
did she think that SHE was hit by a deer? yes.
what year is the volvo? i know of many sht volvos riding around in the ghetto let alone villanova.
what are the miles on that volvo?
how many cars does she own?
which does she drive most often?
what was her insurance and would it make sense to even take the volvo to the repair shop?
SHE'S SEVENTY FIVE! she's not 45! she's SEVENTY FIVE! did she drive home and then drive another car because she has another car? you people listen to and read the news and DONT THINK - and you have got to start THINKING FOR YOURSELVES without the influence of the damn news telling you what to think!!!
this is a SEVENTY FIVE YEAR OLD WOMAN who likely had no clue what had happened, drove home, was scared, and drove another car because she was dead scared about hitting a deer. why is this country so FOX NEWS and so ready to bash away without hearing any of the facts and without having any empathy? when did this happen in the USA? when? DISGUSTING
11:34 PM

(From this post.)
Read the police report here (H/T gossipgirl19003 from twitter):

The floor is all of yours -- even the apparent-Lammers-heir commenter's.


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DRPA: From Whore Pit Vipers to Hell-Destined Maggots

I had a good day today. Then, I sat on the recliner, opened the Inquirer at 6 p.m. and, a 6:04 p.m. turned to section B, page 2. There, I saw this:
SEPTA and DRPA to get money to boost security
Two transit agencies in the Philadelphia region will get about $6.5 million from Washington for security officers and equipment.
SEPTA will receive $4.49 million and the Delaware River Port Authority, which operates the PATCO commuter rail line and four toll bridges, $2.09 million in federal stimulus funding. The money is part of $78 million in grants for 15 transit systems announced yesterday by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano in New York City.
The port authority will use the money to hire eight police officers, with four dedicated to antiterrorism efforts and four trained in "mobile explosives detection," authority spokesman Ed Kasuba said.
SEPTA will use its money to hire 12 transit police officers and buy $1.2 million in security and antiterrorism equipment, including a high-tech bomb detector, spokesman Richard Maloney said. - Paul Nussbaum

In many a post since the DRPA (allegedly) enabled a hammered driver to cruise off their Speedline and into their awaiting car which proceeded to all-but-end my life, I've posited that anybody affiliated with the Delaware River Port Authority is nothing short of ignorant, greedy, backward-thinking and, quite frankly, evil.
Now, they fritter money away not on cameras that could PROTECT THEIR CUSTOMERS, but to take the Georgie Bush strategy of defending against indefensible threats.
This is their yellowcake in Niger moment.
I'm close to wishing they found out what the removal, and reinsertion, of two pieces of skull feels like.

My apologies, Morton Roodman

Back when Arturo Gatti died, I ripped NY Times letter-writer Morton Roodman thusly:
The NY Times also enables a Swiss dude to parlay Arturo Gatti's death into his Call to Blame Everything on Boxing...
"Develop a well-financed pension system so former fighters have resources should illness or worse lurk in their final rounds."
Ah, so a pension would have stopped Gatti's wife from (allegedly) strangling him while he slept, Mr. Morton Roodman? You're serious about this? It's not just because your from pansy-ass Switzerland? Wow. (If that's what really happened, of course. If it was suicide, well, the Swiss are still pansy-ass, but I no longer question the merits of Mr. Morton Roodman's letter.)

So, um, yeah, well, today, they said it was suicide.
Lead investigator Paulo Alberes told The Associated Press that authorities decided Gatti killed himself on July 11 while at a seaside resort in northeastern Brazil.
When asked if police had determined the case was a suicide, Alberes said "yes." He offered no other details.

So, um, yeah, well, Morton, um, I'm, uh, sorry for all that Swiss bashing.

Big Scoop *Updated

So, did that whole seven-reporter Daily News story about how black employees at the Northwest Transfer Station in Roxborough had to use separate water fountains and bathrooms sound familiar? Yeah, it did to me as well.
(But since the link to the January Inquirer story seems to have gone bare, I suppose it's my memory against theirs, huh?)

An astute newsologiost emailed this to me:
BYLINE: By Vernon Clark and Dwight Ott; Inquirer Staff Writers
Jan. 31, 2009
SECTION: PHILADELPHIA; P-com News Local; Pg. B01
LENGTH: 342 words

Two black employees at the city's trash transfer center in Roxborough have sued the city for discrimination, claiming their supervisor assigned blacks a separate bathroom and reserved a water cooler for white workers only.
The suit by Gibson Trowery of the 7600 block of Horrocks Street in Northeast Philadelphia and Leslie Young of the 1700 block of North Taney Street in Olney seeks $50,000 in damages as well as attorney fees, compensatory damages and costs.
The men, represented by attorney Howard K. Trubman, contend that the city's law department and John Gill, their supervisor, engaged in "ongoing acts of discrimination" at the center, which receives trash-truck cargo that is then transferred to the Chester landfill.
Gill, a 34-year city employee, said he could not comment and referred questions to the city solicitor's office. A spokesman for that agency confirmed that the city had received the complaint but was not at liberty to discuss it. All comments were referred to press secretary Doug Oliver, who said the city intended to file a response.
In an interview, Young said whites and blacks at the center were not allowed to use the same bathroom. In one case, he said, a black worker had to walk down five flights of stairs because he was prohibited from using a whites-only bathroom.
"They are still doing the same thing," Trubman said about the alleged discrimination.
Young is on sick leave in an unrelated matter, and Trowery still works at the center, according to Trubman.
During a heat wave in the summer of 2007, Young said, Gill took away the water cooler from black workers in the scale building "because he said we were using it too fast."
Gill, he said, kept a water cooler in his own office that only whites were allowed to use.
Young said that the discrimination was longstanding and that black workers were denied promotions and advancement.
Trubman said Gill referred to the transfer center as a "plantation" during a fact-finding hearing.

And now I turn my attention to classless Jeep boy

Yesterday was a good day for the hit-and-run community (Fine, there isn't a hit-and-run community. Yet. But I've been talking with Theresa Sautter about how to make it so her daughter didn't die in vain) with the news that 75-year-old ice queen Suzanne Lammers of Nova was nabbed for (allegedly) striking a 13-year-old and then hiding her car from authorities. This, despite thinking she hit a deer. Or, hadn't heard any news about a hit-and-run involving her ride. Strange. From an anonymous commenter on this here blog:
Someone they interviewed on 6 ABC actually said the following "These things aren't suppose to happen on the RICH MAIN LINE , it's ok for the LITTLE PEOPLE IN PHILADELPHIA" ... She is nothing more then a COLD HEARTED WITCH and she should do jail time and pay for this child. I don't want to hear that the poor fragile 75 year old woman didn't know what she did, she stopped and looked in her mirror and then took off because she seen what she did. ... I also heard that someone..possibly her husband made a statement that "the child belonged on the beach...not in the street."

Classy. Or classist. (Especially when "neighbor who wouldn't give name" starts chuckling at the end ...)

View more news videos at:

An update, though, on the Kelly Drive fatality from Saturday, courtesy of the Philadelphia Daily News, who spoke with the victim's girlfriend, who was holding his hand before someone came along and devastated their lives.
The details are particularly jarring since, well, even though I don't remember getting hit, it sounds awfully similar to how I ended up with a breathing tube, so I'll save them for the link. But this portion bears posting since, considering the driver was young, and heading toward my 'hood and Manayunk that night, my neighbors should heed it:
Police described the suspect as a white man in his early 20s, about 5 feet 5 inches, muscular build, and a tan complexion. He has short dark hair and was wearing a red T-shirt with a design. The [dark-colored] Jeep [Wrangler] would have a cracked windshield and front-end damage, police said. Its front grill could be cracked, and it may have a broken headlight.
The driver initially pulled over to the side of Kelly Drive, but soon drove off when police and medics arrived, investigators said

Photo courtesy HughE

29 July 2009

"It's just the price that we pay"

I just looked at my recent posts and saw a LOT of doom and gloom. Because, quite frankly, world's been doom-y and gloomy of late. I mean, Michael Jackson's dead and stolen kidneys played a pivotal role in Jersey-corruption. If that ain't gloom, Brian don't be knowin' what is. So, I rifled through the stacks on my desk and found some positivity ripe for the sharing.
Por ejemplo:
From today's Daily News:
[Stadium fatal-beating victim] Sale's friend Dan Curran created a Web site,, where anyone can donate money that will be used to give the North Penn High School graduate a proper burial. Donations can also be mailed to David Sale Memorial Fund, 291 Cricklewood Circle, Lansdale, Pa. 19446.
And the "Dave Sale Memorial Fund" Facebook page had nearly 500 members yesterday, some of whom left condolence messages.

From the Inquirer on Monday:
He went to his trunk to get a jack. He was standing between the two cars.
"I didn't hear a sound," he said. "No brakes. I just felt I was flying, over my car, and that's it. I was on the ground, trying to figure out what's going on. I see I have no legs. I rubbed my eyes to see more clearly. No legs." ...
NBC10 did a story soon after the accident.
After watching, Tim Rayer of Prosthetic Innovations in Eddystone offered to design, construct, and fit Michael with carbon graphite legs - a gift, he says, worth $60,000. ...
Maria Breyman, 21, a La Salle University student who came from Russia at 14, organized benefits raising $7,000 to help with expenses. ...
Strangers created a Web site for him,

From the July 27 New Yorker:
... Paul Wagner, a Philadelphian who read a newspaper article about a Web site named MatchingDonors. People who need a kidney transplant can post a message on the site, describing themselves and their situation in the hope that a stranger will see the posting and be moved to donate. Searching for patients in Philadelphia, Wagner found Gail Tomas and almost immediately felt that she was the one.

And, finally, from today's via the comment at 6:46 p.m.:
The Commission found that the record was full of statements and actions by Kadyshes of a sexual nature including sexual jokes, comments about Complainant’s breasts, telling Complainant that she would be good in bed, telling Complainant that he would personally perform an abortion if she became pregnant and calling Complainant a bitch on numerous occasions.
Based on the foregoing conduct, the Commission found that there was no question that Complainant was subjected to both verbal harassment of a sexual nature and sexual conduct which was sufficiently pervasive and severe as to alter the conditions of Complainant’s work environment.

Waterworks restaurant = Delaware Valley High School = Place I Won't Give Dime One To

So, to read today's news out of my 'hood, it seems that David "Neighborhood-War Profiteer" Shulick is going right ahead with the Delaware Valley High School for at-risk children along Ridge Avenue. Classy move, considering the vast majority of East Falls is against it, as is Councilman Curtis Jones.
"We are proceeded on as scheduled with a planned opening in September,” said DVHS Chief External Affairs Officer Anastasia Karloutsos.

So, today, I announce that I am "proceeded on as scheduled" with a planned boycott in July of the Waterworks Restaurant of which DVHS Chief External Affairs Officer Anastasia Karloutsos and her politically-plugged-in husband Michael are a part. Shame, too, because I've long wanted to eat there. Guess I'll just grab some grub with a view of the Schyulkill at the for-profit reform school.

And Toronto's GM proves the downside of baseball-trade Russian Roulette

The Blue Jays set the bar very high for teams interested in Halladay and were steadfast in their demand for two of Philadelphia's best and most developed young pitchers, J.A. Happ and Kyle Drabek. The Phillies moved on to their talks for Lee, and time will tell whether any other team will step forward to pursue Halladay aggressively.

So, in essence, the Phillies future rotation will potentially be:
Excuse me if I look ahead, but is a 156-6 record (six losses to the Cubs) out of the question? Methinks not.

I know I shouldn't, but...

... shouldn't KYW1060 have come up with a better tag for the story than,
"Woman 75 is fingered" in July 15 hit and run? (Look at the words in the link).
I mean, I'm all for fetishist rights and all, but still.

But a hit-and-run coward is caught...

Oh man, how do I be delicate with this one? Well, I don't because even if the driver is a 75-year-old chick, she's the scourge of the earth for running a kid over and hiding. Sorry, Suzanne Lammers of Villanova, not even the hoity-toity lawyer you buy in order to spin the I-thought-it-was-a-deer angle will not be able to convince me to stop saying you deserve jail time if the allegations become court-proven fact. Deer can't ride bikes.
Old age isn't a defense for stupidity and/or a sense of entitlement that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. From KYW 1060:
The woman police say was involved in a hit-and-run in Bryn Mawr that sent a teenage boy to the hospital this month has been located.
Authorities say anonymous tipsters led them to Suzanne Lammers of Villanova -- and her vehicle, which matched the description of the car that hit the 13-year-old. He'd been riding his bike at the intersection of New Gulph Road and Morris Avenue when he was struck.

If I can speak to Mrs. Lammers, inmate #AARP: You (allegedly) mowed a 13-year-old down but the three-quarters of a century you've been on earth didn't instill even a modicum of dignity to make you stop and see if he was ok.
Shame on you.
Shame on your family.
And mad, mad props to the tipsters!

Another Hit-and-Run Coward Hides

Brad Grogan, 48, was walking home from the Waterworks Restaurant with his girlfriend when someone struck him with their car at Kelly and Fairmount and took off as Grogan lay dying. It never ceases to amaze me that people so devalue other people's lives. There's a thread over at seeking information.
"We were holding hands and as we started across the street, that's all I can remember and then the impact," Brad's girlfriend Christine Evans explained. ...
Eyewitnesses described the striking vehicle as possibly being a dark-colored Jeep Wrangler with a roll bar.

If you know this driver, turn him or her in or you have just as much blood on your hands as the dirtbag coward behind the wheel. Call the Philadelphia Police Department Accident Investigation Unit at 215-685-3180.

More on Steve Powers

Yo, while I posted a link to today's Metro column in the wee hours, I vowed to go a little more in-depth. So, here's the rough draft of what I'd written before I had to grasp my editing axe and cut the piece down to size.

The Graffiti Rebound
By Brian Hickey

The last time I was at 52nd and Market streets, I watched Michael Nutter shake many an Election Day hand at the El stop. This was rife with symbolism since, for the previous couple months, businesses up-and-down Market had been crying foul. They claimed the behemoth El reconstruction project reddened their bottom lines, shrunk their customer bases by blue-light-special margins and released packs of dust clouds into their lungs.

Yet last week – despite the dreadlocked fellow who punched a car hood so it would “leave me alone!” – it felt like the desperate air was finally lifting. Neither politics nor reimbursements deserve credit, though. If things go according to plan, graffiti will.

Steve Powers was born in Overbrook (1968) and got booted from Archbishop Carroll High (end of junior year). “For being me,” he explained. Last Thursday, we cruised West Philly with his buddy Adam, photographing walls that seemed random to me, but warranted close attention to them. The way Powers sees it, the walls could bring a lot of good to a place that needs a lot of great.

“That train project was bleeding money out of these businesses,” Powers said of what he saw on a trip home from New York City, where well-known graffiti kid “ESPO” landed and developed into renowned artist/Fulbright Scholar adult. “The neighborhood was really hurting.”

Thinking back to 2003, when no fewer than 50,000 additional visitors were compelled to visit Coney Island to witness the flourish of creative painting to signs and rides that he and a team of artists had added, he asked, Why not here? So starting next week, courtesy of Pew, PEI and Mural Arts Program support, Powers and about 40 young, old, novice and world-class painters will descend upon 35 to 50 walls along the El line.

The project’s called “Love Letters,” which is fitting because even MAP-honchette Jane Golden is enamored with its artistic approach divergent from the standard mural scene.

“With every project, we ask how to maximize the impact,” Golden said. “It’s not just a job. It’s a moral imperative.”

Letters and words, not portraits, will teach sign painting which will lead to an operation that can provide advertising signage that mom-and-pop stores can afford; a movie and coffee-table book is also in the mix. One small step by getting blessings from property owners and community groups begets one giant step for community, is the hope.

“What graffiti hasn’t been able to do is represent a community, a mindset, a concrete thought past, ‘My name is ESPO.’ We’re actually making art that has an immediate impact,” Powers said. “We hope that people will see this from the El and actually get off and come to West Philly. Hopefully, by the end, they’ll have a little change in their pockets. We’ll have done more than a lot of people have done for West Philly. For every kid sitting around drawing stuff in a notebook, this will tell them, ‘You can do this. It’s not impossible.”


Today's Metro column...

... earlier than rush-hour. (I'll post more about Powers' project after rush-hour.)

28 July 2009

Just when you thought Fishtown couldn't further devolve...

... Fishtown devolves further.
Like I said to someoneorother yesterday, it's time for the Minutemen to come in, put a fence around Fishtown's borders and let Fishtown eat itself from within.

Lower Merion Hit-and-Run Followup

Seems like a rich white chick still values her well-being over that of a young boy she ran over and left for dead. If you know who it is, or have seen a banged-up Volvo XC, turn the animal in:
Lower Merion Police requests your help in finding the vehicle and driver of the vehicle involved in a serious crash. The crash occurred a little over a week ago on Wednesday July 15 at about 12:13 pm. The striking vehicle was travelling west on New Gulph Road when it struck the boy who was riding a bicycle on Morris Avenue.
The vehicle fled through a private driveway on a Bryn Mawr College property, and it then fled northbound on Morris Avenue. Witnesses have come forward who place the car in that general vicinity shortly after the crash, but we have no other sightings. There is a strong possibility that this car is being hidden somewhere locally.
Please keep the following descriptions in mind as you travel through the Township. Also keep in mind that the actual vehicle may only be similar to the descriptions given. We do not need an exact match, and we are interested in investigating all possibilities.
The vehicle is being described as a light colored station wagon. The color may be tan, beige or gold. It is possibly a Volvo XC 70. The vehicle sustained significant damage to the passenger side of the windshield, and there may be a large hole in the windshield. The driver was a white female approximately forty years of age.
If you have any information please contact the Lower Merion Police at 610-649-1000. For full details, go to


From the Inquirer:
The brew that was the catalyst for Saturday night's savage beating death of a 22-year-old Lansdale man outside Citizens Bank Park was spilled beer - suds combined with the violent tendencies of two of the three men police say pummeled and kicked David Sale until he lost consciousness. ...
Two of the three men charged with murder in Sale's death, Francis Kirchner (right), 28, of the 1200 block of East Palmer Street, and Charles Bowers (top), 35, of the 6100 block of Bustleton Avenue, have prior convictions for serious assaults linked to partying and drinking.
In 2006, Kirchner and some friends broke a man's cheekbone in an unprovoked attack outside Moe's. Kirchner was ordered by the court to undergo anger-management counseling.
In 1993, Bowers stabbed a man four times after they got into an argument at a Fishtown house party. In October 1995, he was sentenced to six to 23 months in prison for his conviction of assault and possession of an instrument of crime.
On Saturday, police said, the two men, along with Jim Grove, 45, of the 800 block of East Almond Street, beat Sale to death in a parking lot near Citizens Bank Park in a continuation of a fight that started inside McFadden's.

27 July 2009

Why? Because it's proof that Samantha Fox should be enshrined in the Rock and Roll HoF

Not sure if these are real or not...

... but in the initial story about David Sale Jr.'s ballpark-parking-lot death (which was woefully buried in print and online-print till today), two of the comments read...
Posted by drmwoman1 10:54 AM, 07/26/2009
this man is my little brother, my family is is so much pain and we still havent told his niece, and newphews. who ever did this STEP UP AND BE A MAN!!!!U WERE MAN ENOUGH TO BEAT MY LITTLE BROTHER TO DEATH BE A MAN NOW. me and my husband are in the army and we are trying to get there to bury him, but my hubby just got back from iraq 3 weeks ago so its gonna be hard. how bout the SOB'S WHO DID THIS COME FACE ME ND MY OTHER BROTHER AND SEE THE PAIN IN MY KIDS AND MY PAIN AND SAY U DIDNT MEAN IT!!!! HE WAS A SMALL GUY AND DOES IT REALLY TAKE 7 OF U TO BEAT HIM, WHEN DID U REALIZE HE WASNT MOVING? U WILL GET YOURS WHEN U MEET UR MAKER!!!! and it is bs that i couldnt find anything on my brother, wait till i get up to philly u all wll be haering about this on the front page soon!!!!!

Posted by abeech 11:08 AM, 07/26/2009
Ignorance doesn't make you any smarter, for those of you that think this is acceptable because alcohol was involved, I am almost offended. The 22 year old beaten to death in this fight has been a friend of mine for Many years, we've known each other through our school years, I think this is outrageous that something like this can happen, whoever posted the "things like this happen everyday" comment, have some respect for the family, instead of having ignorant comments to make, given the circumstances I understand alcohol plays a major role in tragedy like this however Philly should be ashamed that nearly 25 people were involved and NO ONE has stepped forward to take responsibility for their actions, I hope when they do find those responsible for this, they spend their lives in jail for man slaughter, and murder. given a 22 year old didnt deserve to be brutually beaten by a crowd of people, so in regards to this..RIP Dave you will be missed by many.

Yes,'s comments sections are where the dregs of humanity's dregs congregate to attempt to outshoot their shoe-sized IQs. But, I thought these two beared mentioning.
(As an update, seems that two Fishtown dirtbags are about to be charged, with police seeking a third. But unlike some other folks who seem to know full stories without hearing a single detail, I'm not about to start blaming the team and the bar for not ejecting them from the area properly or separately or whatever these mental midgets think played a role, other than Fishtown feet and fists. Wait till the whole story's told before holding court on it, so they actually get theirs in court. You owe it to the victim and his family not to let this devolve into conspiracy-science theatre 2009.)

26 July 2009

Just a reminder as to why you should boycott RoadKillTShirts.Com

Sleep is for people that plan to make $45K-$250K for the rest of their lives. ... The new Arthur Kade puts his fans and vision first, and he will never let vagina stand in his way again.

Weekend Reading Roundup (SlimFast Edition)

Maybe it's just that nothing will ever match Bubbles on network television. Maybe it's because it's summer. Or maybe it's because the deliveryperson forgot to include the front section of the New York Times this a.m.
Whatever it is, the paper products were thin today, so thin in fact that I got most of my news without them (Glitter Girl's death; Phillies-parking-lot murder). Sure, Twitter steered me toward the LA Times for the highlight of the weekend ...
Elway, who retired in 1999 after leading the Broncos to consecutive Super Bowl victories, said the desire to come back isn't easy to suppress.
"You always think mentally you can play," he said. "It's just a matter of whether you can do it physically or not. My last year, I got beat up quite a bit. I pulled a hamstring and hurt some ribs, and it just never heals. That's when I knew that I could probably come back and play, but could I come back and play a 16-game schedule, get into the playoffs, play three more games and win a Super Bowl and stay healthy? That was my concern. I didn't think I could do that anymore."

... but I don't get LA Times home delivery. I get the Inquirer and Times. Which offered:
-- A stellar review of Selena Roberts' book on A-Rod...
The Jeter issue drives Rodriguez crazy. Even away from the park, Roberts says, when he’s in nightclubs hitting on women who know nothing about baseball, he remains obsessive, asking them, “Who’s hotter, me or Derek Jeter?” Roberts finds him rather pathetic with women in general. He picks up his future wife, Cynthia, by pretending to have run out of gas. And after his daughter Natasha is born, Rodriguez feels pushed aside: “Alex adored Natasha but was also taken aback at how much of Cynthia’s attention was funneled to their newborn, not to him. Alex knew it was wrong to feel that way.”

-- A "night out with" segment on Armenia's own Kim Kardashian...
Mr. Cheban, who grew up in Fort Lee, N.J., said that “every show about Jersey is amazing.” Then he ticked off “The Sopranos” and a show on MTV called “True Life,” which featured some episodes about the Jersey Shore.

-- And, a story about Wyeth Pharmaceuticals which made me ask myself who is more heinous: A pharmaco that (allegedly) tries to PR smooth over a menopause drug that causes breast cancer, or the professional writing companies' (and the doctors that sign off on) (and the journals that publish) ghostwritten pro-drug studies. My betting cash says all four are destined for the ninth circle of Hell.
Drug firms disseminate their ghostwritten articles to their sales representatives, who present the articles to physicians as independent proof that the companies' drugs are safe and effective.
Wyeth attorney Stephen Urbanczyk acknowledged that the articles were part of a marketing effort. But he said that they were also fair, balanced, and scientific.

Another fair, balanced and scientific assertion? Urbanczyk enjoys spending blood-money.


Listen, I know people who read this site aren't about to run out and buy a T-shirt that says, "Don't get it twisted," complete with a photo of a pretzel on it. (Get it? Fucking hilarious, right?) But, I saw this in the comments on Kade's website, and endorse it wholeheartedly, so share it with your dim-witted friends:
MC 900 Foot Douchebag on 25 Jul 2009 at 12:50 pm
Wanted to get this up here before it gets lost in the comments:

Here is my e-mail to the t-shirt selling site that advertises here with Artie:
From: MC 900 Foot Douchebag []
Sent: Saturday, July 25, 2009 12:23 PM
Subject: Ad on

I was looking into buying some hip, funny t-shirts from your site, but then realized you advertise on Since he is everything normal people in a society deplore I feel it’s not wise of me to spend money at a company who feels the need to advertise with such a deplorable human being.

Not a customer,
MC 900 Foot


Their response:

On Sat, Jul 25, 2009 at 12:30 PM, Customer Service wrote:
get a life…


My response:

Nice way to respond to a potential customer. I will be sharing this with others who object to you ad/vert/ising with an ass hammer like Arthur Kade. Lucky for you he has a very small amount of followers. Big mistake on your part. Good job.

Asshammer. That sums up Kade pretty well.
About to realize their business model is a failure and that they should've gone with an AC Boardwalk hut shop. That sums up the T-shirt company pretty well, too.

25 July 2009

Another day, another hit-and-run

Just heard about Alexis "Glitter Girl" Cohen from Philly by way of Allentown, of giving Simon Cowell the finger two years straight American Idol fame. Details are sketchy, but it looks like she was killed by a hit-and-run driver around 4 a.m. (I kind of know what that's like, since Channel 10 once said that I myself was killed by a hit-and-run driver.)
MYFOXNY.COM - A former American Idol contestant has been found dead in NJ.
The body of Alexis Cohen, known as 'Glitter Girl,' was found in the street in Seaside Heights, NJ.
Two people walking by saw her body and called police.
The Ocean County Prosecutor's Office says she appears to have been a victim of a hit-and-run.
The 25-year-old auditioned for Idol in January 2008 and returned for a second time in 2009, but never received a golden ticket to Hollywood.

So sad that people would just leave someone dead in the street because of something they did. Pathetic that some folks don't think that people who do such a thing should be punished on par with murder levels.

Two Songs I Recently Downloaded (With Two Movie-Trailers I Want To See Edition)

So, I was watching Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Though I wholeheartedly endorse his post-Roseanne style, I fast-forwarded through the Tom Arnold interview abt. 44 minutes to get to the reason I DVRd it: Randy, Julian and Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys were on. In character. Randy copped to growing the best herb in Canada and probably America. Julian was there with rum-and-coke glass (he said once he'd been given a death diagnosis, he reached for a video crew to record their lives) and Bubbles, well, Bubbles was just Bubbles.

Post-TPB, though, caught a band I hadn't heard of but had heard their Novacaine for the Soul song before. Didn't much like that song. But what they played on the Kimmel stage, behind son-of-quantum-theory-physicist Hugh Everett III/lead singer's Mark Oliver Everett's weighty beard? Totally dug it enough to wake up and download them:
"My Beloved Monster" and "Tremendous Dynamite." TD has something along the lines of a Thorogood feel. But with controlled yelling. Which is cool. What's cooler? A line of the Wikipedia page:
Rightly or wrongly, he has a reputation as a troublemaker. The Eels official website claims that Everett responded to a request for a quote for the dust jacket to Kurt Cobain's posthumously published diaries with: "Please don't do this to me after I kill myself."

And now, I present Jennifer's Body (for the purpose of seeing Megan Fox burn her tongue, of course)...

and Tony Manero (because a Travolta-character-act-alike contest movie is the raddest f'in thing I've ever heard of, next to Megan Fox burning her tongue, of course).

Maravillosamente extrana, indeed.

Are Camden police trolling blogs to make arrests?

So, I post a link to a movie that someone sent me about Rocky Lockridge on Tuesday, and -- according to the Saturday Philly Daily News -- he gets arrested on "unspecified municipal charges" Wednesday.
(To answer the subject line question: Of course they aren't. Or, are they?)

24 July 2009

From Hickey's noggin to yours...

Says Brian Hickey, "Anybody who opposes health-care reform not only loses my total respect but earns a spot on the Dead To Me List.
"This is what happens when people let greed, political-framing, stupidity or just plain ignorance take over the brain lobe that says, 'People should be taken care of in their times of need.'"
Hickey adds that, "He will most certainly purge any Facebook friend who disagrees."

Another Delaware Valley High School story

No, not by me. I wrote about it about it more than a week earlier. So did the Daily News. And, the Roxborough Review. But yesterday, the paper-of-record Inquirer contributed to the coverage of Delaware Valley High School's desire to open on Ridge Ave. with, well, I hate to have to revert to prickish observations, but they offered nothing much new. Well, besides the public-stroking school president/neighborhood-war-profiteer David Shulick's mammothly condescending ego. So they have that going for them.
Though, I did catch one interesting nugget in the story:
The showdown has been "like the scene from "Frankenstein" where people are going after the monster," with pitchforks and torches, said East Falls resident and property owner Billy Ross, 39.

... There, the impression given is considerably different from poster billy ross (senior member since Dec. 08 with 998 posts) who noted:
People at the meeting were vehemently opposed to the school, however, leading me to a few possible conclusions. One is that they don't care what race the kids are, and they do care that these kids are truants. Another is that they viewed the video as a cynical ploy to defuse racial tensions (which would require some serious conspiracy theories on multiple levels) and they saw right through it. A third is that they were classist - I myself was surprised at how the video emphasized how much of an accomplishment and how meaningful it was for these kids to graduate from high school, which to me is as meaningful as learning how to read. I'll repeat - I saw no racial overtones or undertones at that meeting, and I was looking for them. A fourth, of course, is that they simply don't want traffic problems exacerbated.

Not saying that quotes were edited/included in a fashion that adds to the pro-school-neighbors side (which maybe-not-the-same Billy Ross seemingly isn't in reading his other posts), but I've been in journalism a long time and realize that, sometimes, quotes are edited/included in a fashion that adds to a lacking side of the story to lend more pizazz.
Particularly in otherwise-dull, week-after stories.

In the spirit of what irresponsible** blogging represents...

... I now present, without lifting a finger to check the veracity therein*, a statement just emailed to me:
According to the Revenue Department, the Inquirer owes over $48,000 in real estate taxes on its 400 N. Broad Street property.

And remember folks, the 10 a.m. show is different than the 12:57 p.m., so come on back now, ya'hear?

*Fine, not even three minutes passed before I had to raise a responsible finger. The email underestimated it by $343.57. Not that that's news when a public-trust is digging itself out of bankruptcy, but said public-trust does report on tax issues and delinquents, so fair's fair to the emailer, methinks.
** Irresponsible in me posting it without checking it out, not in reference to he or she who emailed the accurate assertion.

As Best Man speeches go...

...this one highlighted on Tosh.0 last night was only the second most offensive I've seen. The names, I'll leave out, but a friend of mine got wedded down by Miami. Fancy-ass event, too. Five-hundred people. Me, dancing with my shirt off to foreign music. Which is awesome. But not as memorable as the best-man's speech. BM delved into "homosexual tendencies," "nasty green toes" and a bunch of other stuff I'd probably remember if not for the tequilic tendencies of the evening. But this one? Well, he DID get into abortions. So he has that going for him.
Tosh.0Thurs, 10pm / 9c
Web Redemption – Best Man
Daniel ToshMiss Teen South CarolinaDemi Moore Picture

I'm proud of you. I'm proud of you.

Steven Tyler would be proud

If Mayor Michael Nutter was a cross-dresser, I'd personally buy him a Stu Rasmussen-inspired ensemble. But for reasons other than those who maintain SEPTA should be forced to create a third-gender transpass sticker in a two-gender world. (I'd just want to see people flip the fuck out when they saw Jim Gardner talking about dude dressed like a lady.)
No, I'm not saying TGs (sorry, I still call them trannies) aren't people, too. In fact, I shared many an Old City elevator with some, and once I accepted the fact that those I encountered went woefully overboard with the smell-goods, they were probably nicer and more considerate than most in this dingy town. I'm just saying there aren't three genders; when someone makes the switch, they go from one to the other. I've spent too much time on this already, though.
In conclusion, "I like looking in the mirror and seeing a fairly-attractive woman looking back; if you discount the face, an amazing looking woman" has temporarily removed "now it places the lotion in the basket" from my daily mental playlist.

The only thing I'm going to say about Domelights (for now)

If it's true that, as one officer told me...
What has become obvious there is that alot of the racial comments are coming from people who are not cops. They're just there to stir the pot. The GCL (Guardian Civic League) also seems to have encouraged members to post baiting topics like the one about the Valley Swim Club just before the suit was filed. Those same posters then continued pulling others into arguments about race ever since.
I'm no dummy. Sadly, some of the offensive posts have come from members who I believe to actually be cops. Shame on them. McQ has a pretty good track record of closing threads that get too offensive or deleting those that would damage a reputation. Having run the site for almost 10 years and being the "scourge" of former P/C Johnson who hated the site (he denied McQ a promotion allegdly due to the site), I'm almost positive that at one time or another IAB has checked to see if he's been using City equipment. I'm pretty sure he will be vindicated, but all anyone will remember is the accusation, not the outcome.

...then those who did the race-baiting should be more ashamed of themselves than those who posted epithets and insults. And those who did the racial-posting should be pretty ashamed of themselves to begin with.
America affords people, however loathsome, the right to ignorance. Only ignorance affords race-baiters the right to do what they did to get their no-Domelights way.

23 July 2009

Not even worth me coming up with a headline

How to get involved:
I hereby agree to not watch TV shows or movies that feature "actor" Arthur Kade of the blog Further, I will not buy products or services that advertise or associate themselves with said shows or movies, or that are advertised in commercials using Mr. Kade.
Arthur Kade represents humanity at its worst- shallow, self-serving and ignorant. Additionally, Mr. Kade's comments about women are offensive and misogynistic.
Please do not hire Mr. Kade to be an extra or actor for your TV show, movie, commercial, or other production.
Sign the petition

22 July 2009

What better way to mark the day my blog-hit-counter topped 50K...

... than to link to yet-another column that bashes Vinnie "Down Wit OPM" Fumo.
Fumo’s “happiness was probably more about who didn’t get [elected] than who did,” Farnese said. “Everybody’s ready to put a very sad chapter to rest. I’ve done my best to put him behind me, but you have to work hard to make your own mark.”

** FWIW, the phrase "Running the losing campaign of John Dougherty," came along during the editing process. Campaign manager in title, yes, but a lot of people put a lot of time into running the operation more than this political novice could ever claim to have done.

The Medical State of the Union

I got a letter from the government. Today. I e-opened, and read it. It said health-care-for-all foes are suckers. They wanted me to not watch the Pres Obama's press conference or whatever. Picture me giving a damn. I said never.

Dear Friend,
As you read this, we are closer than ever to passing comprehensive health insurance reform that benefits American families and small businesses. Despite all the back and forth in the news right now, it is important to understand just how far we've come in this challenging process.
That's why I'm holding a press conference tonight at 8pm ET, and writing to let everyone know where we are, what's ahead, and why health insurance reform is so important.
Let me be clear: although Congress is still debating parts of the legislation we have achieved critical consensus on several key areas:

If you already have health insurance: reform will provide you with more security and stability. It will limit your own out of pocket costs and prevent your insurance company from dropping your coverage if you get too sick. You'll also have affordable insurance options if you lose or change your job. And it will cover preventive care like check-ups and mammograms that save lives and money.

If you don't have health insurance: you will finally have guaranteed access to quality, affordable health care, and you can choose the plan that best suits your family's needs. And no insurance company will be allowed to deny you coverage because of a pre-existing medical condition.

Now, I realize that the last few miles of any race are the hardest to run, but we can't stop now. There's no dispute about it: we cannot control our long-term fiscal health as a nation without health insurance reform. American families and small businesses understand that the health insurance status quo is taking away those things that they value most about health care. The stability and security that comes with knowing that you can get the treatment you need, when you need it. Without reform, we are consigning our children to a future of skyrocketing premiums and crushing deficits.
We have to seize this opportunity and pass health insurance reform this year. You can help by forwarding this email to your family and friends and letting them know what's at stake in this debate.
Thank you,
Barack Obama
P.S. Tune in to tonight's press conference on health insurance reform at 8pm ET on

Fine, it was an email that went out to the White House's massive email list to garner pub for his presser tonight. I just like quoting PE lyrics whenever possible. And, drawing attention to health care, since it's near-and-dear to my repaired skull.

Some hit-and-run drivers actually have a conscience

When I sat down to write my Philly Mag piece about almost dying -- dubbed "one of the best stories you'll read all year" by a certain Deadspin site that's caught flak for linking to the virtual spot that heroically ran the Erin Andrews peep-hole nudie show -- it didn't take me long to create the paragraphs explaining what I would do to the driver if I was fortunate enough to catch them before the police inevitably do...
I’ll string him up by his balls. Then, after kicking every last one of his teeth into the street, I’ll ask him how he’ll run away from assault charges now. I’ll close with spitting in his fucking face as he cries, “Why did you do this to me?”

If the driver's a young "lady," as one psychic emailed to tell me it was (and that her dirtbag parents are covering up for her), replace "balls" with pinkie toes and the rest is the same. I'm not a gender-specific vengeance seeker.
The tough part of it all? All my energy could have been channeled toward good had the driver just done what Lemuel Payne did.

From Tuesday's Inquirer:
The moment that Kimberly and Michael Ferrell had been waiting for arrived yesterday at the Delaware County Courthouse. The man who had pleaded guilty in the hit-and-run death of their 16-year-old daughter was to be sentenced.
So Kimberly Ferrell did what she had long planned to do in front of a courtroom full of teary-eyed family and friends.
She turned to the man in the blue prisoner's uniform, looked him in the eye, and said, "Mr. Payne, I forgive you."

Takes a big heart to do what Kimberly did. I'll have to check my medical reports to determine whether mine has the potential to forgive a coward who hasn't fessed up going on eight months now.

No wonder Tony Dungy retired...

... I, too, would have been a bit hesitant to cut Marvin Harrison from the Colts roster. To wit:
Dwight Dixon, the local man who last year claimed he had been shot by NFL star Marvin Harrison, was riddled with a gunman's bullets in Fairmount earlier today, police sources said.
Cops found a bloodied Dixon, 33, leaning against a Toyota Camry on Girard Avenue near 28th shortly before 11 a.m.

FWIW, that's about four blocks from my first Philly apartment.

Why I'm Not Going to Today's Game

The scores of the Cubs games I've been to this year:
April 4 (Exhibition): Yankees 10, Cubs 1
July 20: Phillies 10, Cubs 1
July 21: Phillies 4, Cubs 1
Record: 0-3 (Other teams 24, Cubs 3)

21 July 2009

Good luck, Nathaniel Hornblower

Rocky Lockridge: From Championships to a Camden Corner

(H/T Rick V)

Serial Judicial Rapist about to strike again

Well, from the looks of things over on the Inquirer's live-blog of Vinnie Fumo hand-maiden "Handsome" Ruth Arnao's sentencing, it looks like the worst she'll face is a butter-churning date with U.S. District Judge Ronald "I don't give a shit what the jury, press or public says" Buckwalter. A couple telling excerpts:
9:58 Craig R. McCoy: Fumo is not here.

Aw. But he's such a (twitchy) stand-up guy, I thought.
10:03 Craig R. McCoy: Buckwalter seems testy. He has told Zauzmer he doesn't "want to spend a lot of time" on the guidelines calcuation. This calculation, of course, is only advisory.
Gee, I wonder why.
10:34 Craig R. McCoy: The judge is now saying he wasn't the "least bit surprised" at the reaction.
10:35 Craig R. McCoy: The judge says public servants often take criticism.
10:35 Craig R. McCoy: It "seriously diminishes" the protesters to dismiss their concerns, Zauzmer says.
10:36 Craig R. McCoy: The judge says some of the letters to him contained no analysis.
10:37 Craig R. McCoy: Zauzmer says the scores of letter he saw had "careful reasoning and understand."
10:38 Craig R. McCoy: The judge says the public relied on an unreliable media.
10:38 Craig R. McCoy: Zauzmer tells the judge he disagrees, and believes the media has been accurate.
"Sometimes," the judge replies.
10:39 Craig R. McCoy: The judge says life is a matter of "grays."
Maybe in your head, Your Dishonor. But what you've managed to do is add a whole color prism to the realm of judicial ineptitude. I fear, however, that that isn't enough careful reasoning for you. So let me expand:
By chiding those who found it disgraceful and worthy of severe punishment for a rich guy to arrogantly and unrepentently filch loot from all of us so he could spend Other People's Money, you seem like nothing but a cheerleader -- albeit, not the hot one -- for the Good Old Boys Network.
You should resign your seat.
The era of coherence has passed you by.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know the Phillies stomped the Cubbies last night. They looked capable of a repeat. I figure it was because I was wearing a Phils jersey over a Cubs T-shirt. That changes tonight, though. Left field. Blue hat. Blue shirt (if I remember to wash it in time). The reason for Red Monday? Well, it's because the Phils sent a jersey to me in the hospital (my name, J Roll's number) and extended an invitation to come down to batting practice before a game of my choice. (As a side note, the Cubs only sent a hat. I say only because, well, I was being a douche. Both teams' contributions blew my healing mind.) Of course I chose the first game of the Cubbies only pre-playoffs series in the 215. Me and the bride went last night. I think our attendance is what made Jack Torrance, aka Jack Nicholson, go to the game as well. Here are a few of the dozens of pics I took.

1) The scorecard in the pressbox. 2) Ryan Howard talks with Cubs SS Ryan Theriot. 3) Howard with Jimmy Rollins and Eagle Chris Gocong. 4) A Cub bunts in BP as Lou Piniella looks on. 5) Derrek Lee pre-game. 6) Shane Victorino chats up Charlie Manuel. 7) Alfonso Soriano warms up. 8) Howard and Rollins. 9) Harry the K

20 July 2009

Check out...

... Stu Bykofsky's column on Magee uber-fundraiser Jerry Segal. (And no, not just because I'm quoted therein.)

Oh Becks, you so easy to piss off

An excerpt from one magazine piece; unrelated photos from another

From GQ's piece about Quentin:
Tarantino flew to France to persuade Brad Pitt to play Lieutenant Aldo Raine, the leader of the Basterds. ("We talked about movies into the wee hours of the night," Pitt told reporters in May. "When I got up the next morning, I saw five empty bottles of wine lying on the floor—five!—and something that resembled a smoking apparatus.… And apparently I'd agreed to do the movie." When I ask Tarantino who supplied this apparatus, he says, "That was Brad. He did the fabrication. He can take a Coke can and make it—functional.")

And from their piece about Zooey:

Well, that totally sucks

When I got home from Magee, I started writing Thank You cards to people who'd done something for my family and I during what was a dicey time post-hit-and-run. I'm pretty sure that handwriting a couple hundred of them helped get me back into column shape quicker than anticipated. But, there were a few for whom I couldn't immediately find a mailing address, so they sat on a To-Do List for the past couple months.
Well, when I saw that author Frank McCourt had died, I wanted my procrastinating side to do the same. His was one of the names on that To-Do List as a copy of his "Teacher Man" now sits, signed, on my To-Read Shelf...

Couldn't feel worse about not just googling his publisher's address and sending a card, so to stave off any emotional multiplication I would like to also thank Dennis Lehane, Jeremy Schaap, Jimmy Breslin, George Kimball, Mike Veeck and Pete Hamill, whose books were also sent to Philadelphia in advance of the December fundraiser. I'm still going to look for their addresses, but didn't want to take any chances.

19 July 2009

One American Hero, Two American Zeros

Those of you who know me personally can figure out who the hero here is. Those of you who don't? Well, you probably can too.


New York Times magazine: I wonder if all this is rooted in yuppie entitlement. What’s disturbing is that no one wants to pay for anything anymore, which is why we’re in the midst of an economic meltdown.
Wired editor Chris Anderson: You do see a generation going online expecting things to be free, from their Facebook pages to their music downloads to their video games. I don’t think that’s driven by entitlement but by an innate understanding of the digital market.
NYTM: You were recently accused of plagiarizing numerous passages of your book from Wikipedia, and I am wondering if you see plagiarism as an extension of your freebie thesis.
WECA: I wish I could explain all my actions as being intellectually consistent, but this one is just plain old sloppiness. There are questions about whether one should cite Wikipedia, and I’m one of those who think you should.

"Terrell you'll see pretty much on this show," Owens said. "It's pretty much to the 'T' of how I am. I mean, it's reality."

Bite your tongue about the real T.O. Let the picture say it for you. Bite your tongue about the real T.O. Let the picture say it for you. Bite your tongue about the real T.O. ...

Weekend Reading Roundup (The Good, the Bad and the Smugly edition)


Former U.S. Attorney Pat Meehan swan dives into the anti-Buckwalter movement...
[W]hen Judge Buckwalter not only departed downward from federal sentencing guidelines but tunneled underneath them, he told every state legislator and citizen of Pennsylvania that no matter how corrupt you are, you'll get a break if you are able to somehow balance the scales by securing enough contracts or brokering enough budgets.
... and small-Maine-town's-folk threaten to chain themselves to their lone mailbox if the United States Postal Service follows through with plans to remove it.
"It's the town of Otisfield's post office," said Marianne Izzo-Morin, the town's administrative assistant. "We can't buy stamps there, but we can put mail in there and know it'll be delivered."


The NY Times enables weed-bashing...
Many public health officials worry that this stronger marijuana has increased addiction rates and is potentially more dangerous to teenagers, whose brains are still developing. And officials say the movement to legalize marijuana — now available by prescription in 13 states — plays down the dangers of habitual use.
“We need to be very mindful of what we are unleashing out of a Pandora’s Box here,” said Dr. Richard N. Rosenthal, chairman of psychiatry at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan and professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University. “The people who become chronic users don’t have the same lives and the same achievements as people who don’t use chronically.”
The NY Times also enables a Swiss dude to parlay Arturo Gatti's death into his Call to Blame Everything on Boxing...
Develop a well-financed pension system so former fighters have resources should illness or worse lurk in their final rounds.

Ah, so a pension would have stopped Gatti's wife from (allegedly) strangling him while he slept, Mr. Morton Roodman? You're serious about this? It's not just because your from pansy-ass Switzerland? Wow. (If that's what really happened, of course. If it was suicide, well, the Swiss are still pansy-ass, but I no longer question the merits of Mr. Morton Roodman's letter.)
But the New York Times' third sign of enabling was a good one: A reporter digging deeper into a police-involved shooting that seemed clear-cut but wasn't.
In the hours after Shem Walker, 49, was killed in an encounter with the police outside his mother’s home in Brooklyn last week, many details made public had the durability of soap bubbles.
One has lasted: when he died, Mr. Walker was on parole after a drug sale conviction in Pennsylvania. That is fact. But it is not nearly enough truth.

Full disclosure: I developed a healthy distaste for a certain Inquirer columnist during my two-month stay in the political world. Something about my perceptions of an agenda-driven and ignoring-of-facts-that-don't-fit-the-pre-chosen-angle M.O. Don't really recall, because I quickly remembered that I stopped questioning columnists the minute I became one in Flo-town, Palmetto State. To each their own opinion pieces.
But, I couldn't let Sunday's B1 piece about police parking slide without pointing out that if it was intellectually honest, it'd have come correct with the fact that the media, just like the cops, gets a pretty-damn-good excemption to parking laws. And without pointing out what everybody in the parking-know knows -- that there are press only spots for easily-obtainable press stickers for the back window of a vehicle -- this argument ...
To be fair, police aren't the only public servants ignoring rules the rest of us suffer under. Eagle-eyed readers e-mailed photos of firefighters' SUVs on the median at the Fire Administration Building at Third and Spring Garden Streets.
Amateur sleuths found a fleet of motorcycles at 13th and Arch Streets. Nearby, SEPTA cars hog a "Ride the Ducks Only" zone.
Crimes against humanity, they're not. But for drivers who pay big bucks to park in garages or get ticketed seconds after a meter expires, the special treatment burns.
... falls flat on its proverbial face. So, too, does the snarky edge of noting that your home address getting put on a racist law-enforcement bulletin board. Which, otherwise, would have landed this piece in the "good" category.

18 July 2009

Finally, a circumstance in which it IS a joke if you don't pay that note

From 1:55 through 2:06 and 4:10 to 4:25 are not only the finest moments in television history, but as glorious a tribute to Michael Jackson that's been performed to date. Chill out Johnny, indeed.
(Tip of the virtual hat to Shangri-rah fan, Dave Hoff.)

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