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10 June 2009

You make it too easy for me, DRPA

Hey all, back to whipping my favorite mule today since I received a press release from the Delaware River Port Authority subject-lined: "drpa approves patco station enhancements‏." (Capitalization not theirs.)
My first thought was, "Great, they're going to install cameras so drunk drivers don't disembark their trains and parking lots and nearly kill people walking, ironically, to their trains." (Side note: I still have my return ticket in my wallet. Shame it expired Dec. 1.)
So I read the release, fully committed to writing a, "DRPA is no longer a pack of whore pit vipers post." Alas, I won't have to.
Two PATCO stations in Camden and all four in Philadelphia are getting a facelift thanks to a vote taken today by the PATCO Board of Directors. ... The concourse improvements include state of the art design and engineering designed to minimize installation, maintenance and operational costs while also improving reliability. In keeping with the Authority’s Green Initiative, the improved lighting will use low energy and very minimal maintenance LED light fixtures.
According to DRPA Chairman, John Estey, "today’s board action shows our commitment to mass transit in South Jersey and Philadelphia. The concourse improvements as well as the planned reopening of the Franklin Square Station in Philadelphia are designed to maintain PATCO as one of the premier transit systems in the country."
DRPA CEO, John J. Matheussen, says "the goal is to enhance the PATCO experience for our customers. This project will make the subway stations even more secure and serviceable through the installation of special flooring, lighting and wall material. The stations will also be easier to navigate with new signage."

So many insults for Estey and Matheussen, so little time. I'll just say this:
"Here's a picture of my head after surgeons at Cooper had to remove pieces of skull because I got hit by a car near your Collingswood station. They haven't caught the driver yet because your 'premier transit system' doesn't take even $9.60 to install cameras that record evidence that would protect your customers. Whore pit vipers."


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