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20 June 2009

With rain comes time to read magazines...

...and with time to read magazines comes stories of interest. Here's a collection of the aforementioned dynamic.
SI has Philly glitter (both direct and indirect) all over its pages this week. Buddy Ryan's kid Rex sounding a lot like Buddy did when he was here ...
Rex got his June started by telling New York radio station WFAN that he won't defer to the Patriots, and, "I never came here to kiss Bill Belichick's rings." That fell in line with his response two weeks earlier, when it was suggested to him that the best three defenses in the AFC in recent years had been Baltimore's, Pittsburgh's and New England's. "New England?" said Rex. "How many people are intimidated by that defense?"
And last week, during the Jets' final minicamp of the off-season, Rex was drawn into a long-distance smackdown with Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder, who blasted the rookie head coach for his bravado. Rex opened a formal media briefing by saying, "I've walked over tougher guys going to a fight than Channing Crowder."

...and a horrific reminder of how we enabled Ms. Cindy Crosby to hoist the Stanley Cup.
In Game 6 of the first round this spring in Philadelphia, the Penguins trailed 3--0 when Talbot picked a second-period fight with the Flyers' larger, nastier Daniel Carcillo. Talbot took a beating, but the scrap energized Pittsburgh, which rallied to eliminate its rival. "Max isn't the most skilled guy in the world," defenseman Brooks Orpik says, "but his heart is as big as it gets."

I didn't need to hear that. But I did need to hear all about Uncle Cholly Manuel again. Just to reconfirm how aw shucks awesome he is.
That appointment was met with bemusement in Philly, where the phrase "turnip truck" was bandied about liberally by the city's fans. It was quite a story: Ol' Cholly in the toughest sports town in America. They were going to eat him up.
"That's what we always laugh about," says Missy. "It's not any tougher [in Philadelphia] than how he grew up."

Maxim alerted me to the joys of Entertainment Weekly alerted me to the fact that the teary-eyed Oscar-winning screenwriter of Milk likes to have apparently-unprotected gay sex before the cameras (Not that there's not anything wrong with that if he fears fatal disease and fashioned himself -- and was seemingly portrayed as -- a spokesman for a community) and that Diablo Cody watches Real Housewives of the Jers, but it wasn't online, though this column about Daisy of Love was.
And, finally, GQ made it clear that Omega watches deem it acceptable to use JFK's image in ads for its $2K-plus Speedmaster Professional (which is tacky) and, as evidenced by the great photo at the top of this post, used the host of Austrian Gay TV, Bruno, as a cover agent to answer questions about grooming, style and love-making. Por ejemplo:
Dear Brüno, can men wear heels? When and why?
Of course. Some guys look great in heels—ze singer Pink, for example. Alzo, mein last boyfreund, Diesel, vas a genuine Pygmy only three eight, so ich made him vear heels so he could give me plow jops mitout me having to bend mein knees.



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