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29 June 2009

Will anybody think of the children? UPDATED

The other day, someone told me they thought Arthur Kade was mentally ill. They saw him in action, first-hand. Conversed with him, even. At first, I was all like, "No shit he's mentally ill. That's what keeps me coming back for more."
Then, I gave it some more thought.
So, now I'm all like, "No shit he's mentally ill. That's why I don't want to come back for more, but we're all rubberneckers deep down inside, and that's why we type those 10 letters and a period, followed by three letters. We want Jame Gumb on that wall, doing the tuck to 'Goodbye Horses.' We need Jame Gumb on that wall, doing the tuck to 'Goodbye Horses.'"
All of which is to say how very, very tragic this all is, when Artie types about how all these Cartoon Network people just love him to death, keep tabs on The Journey and all. But, to even an untrained eye, their body language and expressions scream that, like all of us, they're just laughing at him. Don't get me wrong: He's brought this upon himself. And I love that, one day, he's going to see the arrogant error of his ways and have to beg his friends to forget those 3 months that he absolutely lost touch with reality. I hope he realizes this before he gets 302ed.

So sad that he suggests they make a cartoon about him. He really is the last person to know that he's already animated himself. I need to start taking detailed notes. The Journey is clearly destined for true-crime shelves.

UPDATE: Yeah, it's just as I expected. Excerpted from one of their blogs:
And then I read his blog. Its hilarious. But I think not on purpose... I still can't tell! I don't know if there's really something wrong with him or if its an Borat kind of thing... either way, amazing...


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