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14 June 2009

Weekend Reading Roundup (The "What I Think" Condensed Version)

1. I think that people really need to worry about other things besides a couple tourists who said "Parking Wars" is the reason they won't come to Philadelphia.

2. That the Czechs got healthcare right by offering nurses free breast enhancements, which some are more-than-overjoyed to accept because, "We were always taught that if a nurse is nice, intelligent, loves her work and looks attractive, then patients will recover faster."

3. That the Inquirer might want to have identified their tie to John Yoo, even if they were committed to burying the fact that Vicente Padilla can sue him as a third-out-of-three, bottom-of-the-column A4 brief.

4. That fuckfaces like Rush "Pill Popper" Limbaugh, Glenn "Teary-Eyed Nazi Sympathizer" Beck and Jon "No Wonder His Daughter Disowned Him" Voight should be on the receiving end of a Latin Kings kick-in ceremony for riling people up to dangerous levels that even Sheppard Smith has the wisdom to rail against. Fucking assholes should be hunted down if what they hope comes true.

5. That it's ironic that I didn't read the City Paper's 2005 story about Melody Gardot, when I worked there, but I did read the Inquirer's 2009 story since it noted she'd had an "encounter with an SUV." (That's a hella singin' chick.)

6. That Georgio the Human Carpet, a dude who wraps himself in a carpet and encourages people to stand upon him in an NYC bar (and do unmentionable things at sex gigs), is as freaky as the Pony Dude that Paper Doll wrote about in '06 (and still threatens to introduce me to, which is particularly frightening, since Georgio is probably her neighbor now.)

7. That there's no room in the world, let alone Belgian professional futbol, for what Oguchi Onyewu's had to endure.

8. And, that it's an oddly intriguing pity that Riddick Bowe has taken the Parachute-into-the-Ring route of signing autographs at flea markets.


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