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21 June 2009

Weekend Reading Roundup (Text 4 Budz Edition)

I'm not sure who's the bigger nimrod here: John Milligan and Kelly Reilly or Cpl. Christopher Pew. But what I do know is this, and it's a lesson that should be mantrafied:
Never send an explicit text messages in pursuit of herb. To wit:
SALEM, N.J. - A man who allegedly wanted to buy some marijuana was arrested after he mistakenly sent a text message to a Salem police officer, authorities said yesterday.
Cpl. Christopher Pew was off-duty when he received the message on his personal cell phone last week. Since he didn't know the person who had sent the text or whether it was a serious request, Pew agreed to meet the texter at a shopping center, and the person described what vehicle he would be driving.
That led to the arrests of John Milligan, 22, and Kelly Reilly, 20, both of Pennsville, who were charged with loitering to commit a controlled-dangerous-substance offense. - AP

Weasel took the 'bee, man. (Bonus points if you know what that's a reference to, mon.)
Well, I just got back from the Phils/O's game with Dan Hickey, so I'd rather watch the replay of the Brazil/It-lee game to see just how a dismantled American team managed to sneak into a match with Spain that will re-dismantle them, than be typing. So, some quick hits of the non-bong variety.
-- Looks like Corzine will use gay marriage to attempt to fend off his general-election foe. (Note to Gov: Figure out a soundbite to explain why you weren't exactly behind gay marriage last general election unless you don't mind the gays seeing right through your power-bottom ploy.)
-- Doesn't look like this "pass students for the heck of it" story is going to go away, putting the Inquirer in the role of the Sun from The Wire, a dynamic so chock-fulla-irony the VH1 Classic series can't be far off. (But if I might try: Are there any Philly teachers who can upgrade my freshman-year first report-card D in Biology to a B? That way, I won't be grounded anymore.)
-- Dear Comcast, Suck it. XOXO, the guy who is still pissed that you blackout Phils games on DirecTV, but is splendidly pleased DirecTV will soon surpass you in more ways than 10.
-- Kaka, the $92 Million Man.
-- Bill Keller of the Times bitchslaps Mark Bowden of the Inquirer.
-- Liberally speaking, the liberal White House has the liberal media in a deathgrip brought about by the former feeling liberally dom and the latter being all liberally sub.
-- Eliot Spitzer makes sweet, sweet love to a hot dog. By sweet, sweet love I mean "eats a hot dog while talking to a reporter from Vanity Fair." Sorry if I stoked your basest fetish yearnings. Note to self, write a column one day explaining why you disagree with Spitzer's assessment that...
“No. My obituary’s written,” he replied with shocking finality. “And that is a very hard thing to live with.”

-- And, in closing, a gratuitous photo of surfer chicks...


Blogger AnastasiaBeaverhousen said...

one of the funniest things I read this weekend:

"It's a genuine position of a very genuine, honest man"

bwahahahaha! Corzine? Genuine?? stop, my sides hurt from laughing...

9:02 AM  

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