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25 June 2009

Two Songs I Downloaded This Week (Hustla Edition) and an Obscurie Foreignie But Goodie

It's taken all the strength I have, not to fall apart and break my Pledge. Believe you me. But I'm 48 hours in, and I feel like a better person for it. Oh, tha music:
1. "Auditorium," Mos Def. Honestly, I prefer "Quiet Dog" to any song that's come out in the past several years, but the title of this post in "downloaded this week" so that I must honor. Auditorium's chill. Quiet Dog's just better in all respects. Mos Def continually saves rap for me. That's saying something when it comes from a product of P.E. and Eazy like me.

2. "Another One Bites the Dust (Parks Bonifay)," Rockwilder, TRA & Vanessa Mullings. I just wanted to hear a different take on Queen that didn't involve Glambert. And, I did. You know what this felt like? It'd be on the soundtrack to "Boomerang." Remember that one? Eddie Murphy, Mrs. Mike Tyson, young Halle Barry, Assinio, Eartha Kitt and Grace Jones as a Janet Dickinson-type shilling "Afterbirth" perfume? Great flick of the underrated sort. And, little did I know I have two songs from the soundtrack on mePod: "Reversal of the Dog" by the LaFace Cartel (featuring TLC) and "7 Day Weekend" by Jones.
Maaaaahhhhhhcccuuussss, dahling.

3. "Kecu Minino Na Tchora," Bidinte. I don't understand a word of this, except in the language of music that makes being on the R6 going through North Philly deceptively like you're en route to a beach in the Bahamas. Which is saying something, since Bindinte's a Guinea Bissau-ian. Yes, in Africa. Great vibe for the BBQ deck, too.


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