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05 June 2009

True or False?

Since Duane "Graphic-Novel Fanboy" Swierczynski (ZING!) met wit Frey first -- and got namechecked -- I'm of the impression that the story of Kade Meets James Frey, referenced earlier today by Wook, holds true.
But I just love how Artie and his shoulder heart tattoo went all Ferrigno when he wrote about something that didn't match what an accurate eye and mind saw. Check Frey's gawccount here. My favorite part:
Arthur got us a cab and made sure we knew where we were going. We waved goodbye as we pulled away. Anna turned and looked at me and said "He was so nice and polite, a little kid, like a hurt little kid." I agreed with her. We were both kind of shocked. We had wanted an asshole, someone to laugh at and mock, and we got a real person, one that was slightly delusional about himself, but not at all resembling the buffoon on his website or in his videos...
We also saw the blog post where he stated we were "blown way with my looks and body." Motherfucker! That's the guy I wanted to see in Philadelphia.

Dude is the ball-ass, hot-ass freak they played to see how douchey he is! I'll give Kade this much: Anna David is ball-ass hot-ass, um, hot. And I'll give Frey and Anna this much: They were the first non-Kades to do Kade Out on vid. That's gonna count for something when Artie climbs the tower with a high-powered rifle and blows a million little people to itty bitty bits.


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