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14 June 2009

Sweet Christ

Douchebag extraordinaire and Shame of Philadelphia Arthur "Acne-Riddled" Kade thinks he's funnier than Dave Chappelle now. No, seriously. He says so. In this skit, "Tyrone Bigby" he imitates Chappelle as "Tyrone Biggums." He even says "Bigby" a couple times. For the first time, I feel bad for Joe Piscopo.

Gee, he was right. That was a lot better than...

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I really wish Kade would just go away. He's ruined a city's reputation from coast to coast. He will not amount to anything of substance but a guy on the other side of the gloryhole wall.
Cocaine's a hell of a drug.


Blogger Merrick said...

Brian- just stop checking in on him b/c it's obvious at this point he's just trying to incite people into hating on him. I mean, for him to even consider himself "funny" like Chapelle or an "actor" like Brando or whatever is just laughable. At this point he's only doing what he does to get people to be upset with him and you are giving him exactly what he wants. I think YOU are a good writer and I come here to read your thoughts but worry that you even care about this douche. We know he's there but you don't need to perpetuate his "fame" by telling us he's an idiot. You are only feeding the fire and you are better than that.

11:01 PM  
Blogger Brian Hickey said...

Easier said than done, Merrick. Easier said than done. (But thanks for the kind words about my writing. I do post about other things, just have to shake my Kade-addiction.)

11:27 PM  
Blogger Leah Franqui said...

I love your writing, Brian, and I understand your addiction. Kade is disturbing and fascinating, and even if it perpetuates his self-delusion I can't help but follow him the way you follow a train wreck or a Lohan. He's like candy, delicious stupid unattractive candy that you can't stop eating even though it ruins your life.

11:19 AM  

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