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18 June 2009

The Real Table-Flippin' Housewives of New Jersey

I always kind of figured the season of RHoNJ would end with catcalls of whorishness punctuated by furniture tossing. Really, I did. Because I'm from Jersey. In any event, here's my post about the finale. It kind of reminded me of high school, as you'll see.
What I never saw in my little nook of the Jers was a housewarming party (held at a restaurant, mind you, and camouflaged as an enhancement-congratulatory session) take such surreal turns. The only way to describe this visual Pu-Pu Platter of guilty pleasure is as the Lu Nello episode of "The Soprasimpsons," brought to you by "Nip/Tuck." Just like the Eric fight, it had some unexpected, good-for-and-probably-suggested-by-TV plot variations.

I pray they do a RHoPhilly next. Main Line fish in a barrel. Trashy fish in a barrel.


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