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10 June 2009


A couple weeks back, somebody I know who's tuned into the intricacies and whispers of professional baseball told me that some folks were suspicious of Raul Ibanez's 37-year-old power streak. I said two things:
No way in hell.
No f'in way in hell.
Fast-forward to yesterday, when the Inky noted that the omnipotent and omniscent Random Blogs of the Midwest said pretty much the same thing.
Fast-forward to today, to Raul's response.
"I'll come after people who defame or slander me," he said before last night's game against the New York Mets. "It's pathetic and disgusting. There should be some accountability for people who put that out there."

To which I say a third thing: F yeah, Raul.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raul. Ibanez. is. a. god.
And that explains the power streak.

11:49 AM  

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