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13 June 2009

On Gays, Soon-to-Be Inmates, and Sports

Kind of a weird combination, I know, but that's what I've encountered in the papers and mags since the top 'o the morning. Like the Inquirer's TV columnist David Somethingorother who seems keen on ridiculing blind people, noting that Glambert says he had a crush on Kris Allen but that...
Oh, come on, Adam. We all saw the way you were looking at Scott MacIntyre.

At least he didn't write "we all saw the way Scott MacIntyre was looking at you." I guess.
Stay classy. Like Ron Paul and his reaction to Bruno interviewing. Well, trying to interview him...
In a scene filmed in early 2008, Mr. Paul sits for an interview with the Baron Cohen character. (Mr. Paul has said he was told the topic would be Austrian economics.) When lighting trouble delays the interview, Mr. Baron Cohen strips to his underwear. Mr. Paul storms out muttering, “This guy is a queer.”
In a subsequent radio interview Mr. Paul said: “I don’t like the idea that he lies his way into an interview. To me it’s a real shame that people are going to reward him with millions and millions of dollars for being so crass.”

And degenerate shamed-ex-pol Vinnie Fumo who will likely die behind bars if his last-ditch woe-is-me effort fails before sentencing...
Assistant U.S. Attorneys John J. Pease and Robert A. Zauzmer objected to a delay.
"Every day that Fumo remains free is another day that justice is denied," they stated in a court filing that also disclosed the 21-to-27-year guideline.

From the SI desk, a point-counterpoint Iverson debate in the letters (I'm with the guy who doesn't belittle AI's accomplishments; shame on Ned Hall from Media, Pa.); questions about where in the world is Freddy Adu, which wasn't online, but it was fairly negative (and U.S. Coach Bob Bradley, for that matter); a piece about the pressures of being the next great thing which included Mark Prior; Peter King figures Westbrook will get 21 touches opening week; something that I took as a compliment until the Penguins actually won the Cup last night...
"As a rivalry it's not like us and [intradivision foe] Philly," Pittsburgh general manager Ray Shero said of the finals rematch with Detroit, "but it's getting there."

...and, finally, former Fightin Blue Hen QB Jeff Komlo, who went from great to family outcast arsonist and scam artist to dead, all within a ball's throw of Philly. So sad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh come on. Scott had pretty eyes, and you know it. Better for me if he can't see who's hitting on him.

Unless he touches my face. Then I'm screwed anyway.

6:35 PM  

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