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05 June 2009

Oh no Ermilo Barrera Jr. from South Barrington, Illinois dih-int

Dear Philadelphia and its Phillies,
Some dude from some town in Illinois that you've never heard of stepped to all y'all. June 8th Sports Illustrated, page 6:
Life and Breath
So the way that Phillies players memorialized broadcaster Harry Kalas (JUST MY TYPE, May 18), a longtime smoker who died of heart disease, was to have a group smoking session? Talking about the dangers of smoking would have been more appropriate.
Ermilo Barrera Jr.
South Barrington, Ill.

If I may reply:
Life and Too Few Breaths Left to Whine and Complain Like a Bitch
Yes, Ermilo, that's how the World Champion Phillies players memorialized an icon who just happened to smoke. It was a classy way of saying goodbye, not a "Here, here" to cancer or heart disease. How dare you take the anti-smoking fake-coughing bitch route and question how they mourned and paid tribute. If I were you, I wouldn't come to Philadelphia anytime soon; you'll probably get pyroed.
Brian Hickey
Philadelphia, Pa.

Other SI notes:
Great, great, greatgreatgreat photos in the Leading Off section of gulls taking over Wrigley, Barca coach Pep Guardiola getting tossed into the air after the team's UEFA Finals over Womanchester United and a stellar image from the University of St. Thomas defeating the College of Wooster (Ohio). The losing pitcher was Mark Miller. The winning photographer was Matt Dilyard. (My cell camera replication doesn't do it justice, but since SI doesn't put the shots online -- I don't think -- go buy the mag for these alone.

Bonus coverage:
The Sign of the Apocalypse ...
A bodybuilding competition in the Netherlands was canceled after all of the competitors fled when drug testers arrived.

And, Jayson Werth responded, in the mag's Pop Culture Grid that Jon and Kate are ... "Unknown to me." I knew I drafted him for my fantasy-baseball squad for good reason.


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