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04 June 2009

My 1,101th Post

... is remarkably similar to a lot of my recent ones of the non-Kade persuasion: How I'm pissed off at the special someone who ran me over.
Well, on the same day I got shouted out in the Deadspin comments about St. Jeff Pearlman of Virginity, AJ Daulerio steered readers toward the piece in Philly Mag. Specifically, the part about how I describe what's going to happen to fuckface (new nickname for hit-and-run dude or dudette) when I catch him or her. And, it's much appreciated, AJ. But rivalling the "And Now For One Of The Best Stories You'll Read All Year" headline are a few of the comments already piling it up. A select few of the early ones that make me smile:
Tracy Ham and Eggs
4:20 PM
Now that he's brain-damaged he sounds like a real Philadelphian

4:24 PM
Any chance Donte Stallworth was playing for the Eagles at this time?

Darian McPeterson
4:25 PM
Wow...if only Mike Piazza had half this guy's intensity.

Wilson Chandlerstick Maker
4:33 PM @meatbat: Isiah Thomas is willing to testify that it was his daughter behind the wheel.

4:32 PM
Hickey's revenge fantasy sounds like what happens when Tom Sizemore takes his daughter to nursery school.

Hail to the Chimp
Did Hickey find his winning lottery ticket after he was...


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