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03 June 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to ...

... my college friend, Jeff Pearlman. Dumars fan, renowned author and the Virgin of 1993.

Update: Jeff explains why he posted the segment about, you know, his penis, hehehe, here.
Oh Lordie, Deadspin got a hold of it from Jeff's site. Note to Deadspin commenter "Gourmet Spud," spot-on with the conversation analysis of...
Dialogue at 1:40:
Pearlman: Hey Bry, can you give me that piece on last night's soccer game?
Hickey: Not gonna give it to you...but I know of a way you can earn it, Virg...

... but nobody calls me "Bry," or even the more accurate, "Bri."
But you're right: I didn't give a piece of anything up to Jeff, even if he gave it the old "I'll put your story on A1" try.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Omg. Made my morning.

9:59 AM  
Blogger Brian Hickey said...

Always happy to help!

11:26 AM  

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