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15 June 2009

Kadepocalypse Now, Hickey's Ball-Ass Hot-Ass Destruction of Lisps and Acne

Well, now that the AOL fury seems to have subsided, I guess it's OK to mention two things:
1) The story that I wrote in Philly Mag, I hear from well-placed but unnamed sources, is making minced meat of one Art Kade, even though he was blushing about it as being an indication of his looming fame. Guess he's one notch under a guy who got ran over by a car, huh?
Brian Hickey: 17,045 visits, 71,298 page views
Arthur Kade: 10,998 visits, 39,935 page views

Ouch, Artie! But don't worry: I've been pegging you as third-rate, at-best, all along.

2) I'm also on the June 12 cover of Advance, which is touted as the nation's physical therapy news magazine.

Mehopes that PTs out there don't start putting comments about how I deserved to get hit-and-ran since I wore an iPod and walked down a street rather than driving home drunk. Something tells me I don't have anything to worry about. Senior Regional Editor Rebecca Mayer talked to all the folks who'd fixed me up and sent me on the way home quicker than even they thought possible at first. A good job.
Best part: Charlie Dawg gets a photo shout-out in the print copy. I'll scan and post when I get it.
Another of Hickey's personal goals - being able to throw the tennis ball to his 12-year-old Labrador retriever mix, Charlie Dawg-involved a combination of PT and OT. He needed to master standing and balance while throwing the ball with his weakened right side.

Psst, hey Artie, I can throw you a tennis ball too, if it'll make you feel better about all this.


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Nice pic, Brian!

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