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08 June 2009

Kade meets Bonaduce -- The Live Blog

9:22 a.m. Duce to Kade: "I could eat you alive all day long without breaking a sweat."

Oh, what the hell. I'm awake. I'll liveblog Kade in this spot. Already, two people on Bonaduce's staff have professed hatred for the dipshit who has thoroughly embarrassed Philadelphia. Yet Danny said he's yet to make up his mind. CBS3 cameras are in his studio, so we'll see, and hear, her. I mean, him. I mean, it.
Well, right before Kade came in him -- get it? -- Bonaduce was offering tips on how to acclimate to prison. Namely, how not to become a bitch. Ironic.
He starts with "Yo, yo, yo what's up everyone. Just chillin."
Duce responds people have told him, "What a jerk ... [but] I think just being good at your job. Ridiculous. Too good to crack."
Kade responds, "First and foremost ... not about a job, about who I am. Here's a guy who wasn't happy with life and now wants to make change take millions along."
"I'm absolutely not gay."
Admits to a slight lisp, blames it on medication that dries his mouth but takes it so the lisp doesn't show up worse.
Challenged on his overconfidence after he ranks Drew Barrymore a 6.5.
He sounds as douchey as he does on his videos and when he writes his utter nonsense.
Duce asking about his scale. Says he wouldn't nail Alba. Which is fine since, according to Duce, "Never going to happen -- and you're gay." "Not a big fan of Heidi Klum actually."
"Last 10 yrs I've been a rock star."
"Had everything under the sun. ... Fairly successful, threw it all away to start over. ... I wanted to be an award-winning actor."
Duce is torturing him: Philly Mag ripped him, he was actually an award-winning actor as a kid. KADE ISN'T EVEN ON PAR WITH THE DUCE!
Name the cast of Streetcar Named Desire?
He can't. But he did get that Penn won Best Actor last year, but not the one before that!
"I'm a bad Catholic, but I know who Jesus was." Ha!
Kade counters asking Duce to name the NBA MVP in 75.
Duce is ripping him ruthlessly. But, Kade is firing back. He really doesn't comprehend that people loathe him, does he?
Calls the disdain "extremely over-rated. ... You guys don't see the emails and texts and people stopping me in the street."
Oh, callers coming up! And, the voice mails left on the site!!!
Call in! 215-592-9494
They play that song, "You want it all, but you can't have it. ... What is it? What's it" Again, irony.
So, basically, Kade is spouting the same shit he always has (i.e. defending himself blindly) as Duce and his in-studio gal and guy basically question him up and down, urging him to see the absurdity of his posts. They acknowledge he's a decent looking guy, which means he has the macne under wraps.
I wonder if he has that pink T-shirt on again.
They're back on.
"Don't check your messages when you're on my radio show." Phones are on fire.
Asking him about his role models. "Do you feel as if your being sexist or degrading?" Kade recounts a discussion with the Philly Mag reporter. Duce's response to Arthur referencing Sex in the City:
"Do you still want to claim to be straight?"
Maybe I've just slept with better-looking women than you, Kade responds.
Very possibly, came the response.
References Great Expectations. He does a fucking monologue!!!!! He sounds the same as he normally do!!!!
First call. Ron. Love your website man. No, actually I'm not a fan. Love you bc you take arrogance to a completely dift level.
Second. Stan. Met on M. Night's set as extras. Language cut him off.
Lisa. Biggest f'in pompous ass (see the smile on your face? Give away.) From Cali. (Great state btw. Can go to LA right now. Building a resume. Head out there and rock the world.)
Jim. $500 kick this assclown in the pumpkin patch. (When you're in ent. cant worry about what people say. I was a [fin. planning] living legend. (Side note: I've been able to confirm he was good at that gig. Shame it didn't carry over.)
Danny: Pretty good actor. Good job pretending he's not gay.
Some name I missed questioned his straightness for dissing Halle Berry.
Steve: Doing a great job ripping this douchebag apart.
Mike: Lotta great actors and actresses out there. What has this guy actually done to be considered a giver, not a taker? Kade - Quit his job on 03.03. Abs agree great stuff to be done out there. My goal is to be an award-winning actor (He sound very, very defensive now.)
Pat: Don't know who this guy is? I'm here bc I did something that's considered the American dream. Not worrying about what people think.
Duce: "You manipulate ppl and they seem to hate you. Consonance would be a bitch with that lisp." Ah hahahahaha
Kade: Talking about how someone posted his number on his blog and he got calls from across the country and around the world. BUT WHAT DID THEY SAY, OTHER THAN THEY HATE YOU?
9:22 a.m. Duce to Kade: "I could eat you alive all day long without breaking a sweat."
Namechecks G Lounge.
I will say this: He seems to believe in what he's doing. Shame what he's doing is doucetastic. He says James Frey came to town to see him. HE RIPPED HIM ON GAWKER!
"I'm the fastest declining star, and I'd still kick your ass!"
Arthur, think you're doing a great job. Commendable that you never crack. ... But you're not that good at it. I'm a huge A-hole and call girl fat and make her cry ... Just cause ppl to 100 percent hate you and all you can do is make more people hate you to succeed." (That's paraphrased.)
Reading emails: Kade's a douche. Can I come down there and punch him?
Sorry we're out of time.
"Going to have to go out and stomp a puppy to death to make this work."
Good God.
Thank Jebus that's over.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm embarrassed to say that this is one of the first things I thought of this morning, and was hoping you would have something about it. I don't know anything about Bonaduce's radio schtick, but was hoping he would eviscerate Kade. Sounds like he didn't do a very good job and the calls seem really lame, but thanks for letting us know how it went down.

11:15 AM  
Blogger Brian Hickey said...

I don't think I did a sufficient enough job capturing all the comments, but Danny Ginger did ride him pretty hard. Mostly about being gay and/or arrogant to the point of absurdity. The calls were a lot tamer than I expected but 100 percent anti-Kade. Which was very nice. He seemed resigned at the end to a life of mockery but didn't give any hint that The Journey would end because of it.

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Richard Brian Penn said...

Thanks for the transcript. Now I don't have to listen to the replay of the show.

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there any way you can paste that photo (the "I'm Gay" t-shirt) into the comments on Kade's site?


8:00 PM  
Blogger Brian Hickey said...

Ha! I can't take credit for that one. Found it online a week or so ago and forgot to scribble down where I found it! I'll try to post it. Don't know if I can, though. AND, I was shocked to see he removed the picture of that blonde with the frying-pan face!

8:05 PM  

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