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02 June 2009

I should have known better, Shady and Bruno and Shady Bruno

Listen, if some dude drops ass-first into my face, I'm mauling him down to the soul. I have no problem saying this. So even though I felt a tinge of actin' in Eminem's reaction to the Bruno drop upon him at the MTV Movie Awards, I figured it was just a suspicion and Marshall was pissed the f*** off. Well, they got me.
On Sunday night, when Sacha Baron Cohen's alter-ego Bruno descended from the rafters and landed fanny-first on Eminem's head, most folks figured that the rapper's rage was the real deal. Suckers! Not only was Eminem in on the joke, he and Baron Cohen rehearsed it to make sure it would all go according to plan.
Suspicions over the legitimacy of "butt-gate" had been brewing for days, but it wasn't until a writer for the MTV Movie Awards confessed that we all knew for sure. On his blog, head writer Scott Aukerman wrote that the incident was staged. "They rehearsed it at dress (rehearsal) and yes, it went as far as it did on the live show." Wow. Let it never be said that Eminem isn't a team player.

Well done.


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