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09 June 2009

"This is a 10 on the BA scale: 10 being total pain"

If you're in Philly, you realize the sky is currently like a hellscape that seemingly wants to send a swab of blacklight down and take you back through its thunderous intestines a la Max Cady right about now. Well, at least that's how it seems to be effecting the Dawg and cats in this here house.
So I got to thinking, "What's a good way to start such an apocalyptic day, you know, proper?"
"I know, since you were thoroughly entertained by The Hangover yesterday afternoon, what with its Vegas reference to Skittles reminding you of Eleuterio on the ride from the Bellagio to the Golden Nugget a couple years back, and their Asian friend reminding you of 'Tommy Sun Chip' from the little store next to Rodney E off Elkton Road, why not share heartwarming stories of movies future?"
"Like how Bradley Cooper and Leslie Nieslen might be doing an A Team jawn?"

"Sure, but that'll only be as good as their casting for BA Baracus. What I'm more looking forward to is next year's 'Clash of the Titans' remake. Two words: Bad ass."
"Bad-ass, indeed. I quite enjoyed reading that Sam Worthington's take on Perseus was, 'He's Charles Bronson in Death Wish.' Since, let's face it, Harry Hamlin was an outright pussy when compared to the Kraken."
"And Medusa."

*Side note: Earl and Randy Hickey may have been saved!


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